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9/29/2023 c7 badboyelsanto
MC is an incubus who is also an homo magi and has more VIT points than Barbara and yet she has more health than the MC, shit like this piss me off
9/28/2023 c5 badboyelsanto
Him teaming up with robin will only put him in Bat’s radar
9/28/2023 c3 badboyelsanto
I’m enjoying this huh, I didn’t think i would
9/28/2023 c2 badboyelsanto
He should get lightning resistance for that shit he just pulled
9/28/2023 c2 badboyelsanto
Hahaah, we got a potential yandere. And please I don’t want the mc working for bat, fuck that nigga.
9/28/2023 c1 badboyelsanto
Gotham high? Isn’t he a college student, you mentioned 3.0 gpa and now it seems like he’s in high school
9/28/2023 c1 badboyelsanto
Shadow is the best element
6/16/2023 c1 Guest
chap 1 when playing chess is a part of it cut out?
6/4/2023 c9 guestinator
Despite the AN you had her do just that. Also this to me ruined the story as MC is far too weak to do anything here. Then a hero hand waves away mind raping the half demon has caused while marking him casually.

You took a decent enough story and tossed it away with too much escalation for no reason other than I suppose you felt like it instead of story progression.

Zatana is also one of the most powerful in DC multi verse when it comes to magic, so no. Noz at his Shown Rate you have given us over 9 chapters he will not have a chance at her outside of hand waving logic away for Years.
4/14/2023 c2 DanielSilverjay
Hi there
Your battle scenes are amazing - I just had to countercheck that thought of yours.
I am enjoying very much your story. I hope you are enjoying writing it as well .
3/29/2023 c4 Guest
What zatanna said answers why all the women he's slept with just do what he says without question it's not because they love him it's because he made them his sex slaves basically
4/18/2022 c6 Timi
Stat points?
4/14/2022 c9 HighF
Interesting story. To bad the author gave it up.
4/8/2022 c1 picking-up-story-from-abadoned
3/20/2022 c3 animegodofgreed
this shit is ass. the mc is a fucking simp Hes dumb ass fuck and he used one of his only fucking potions on a girl who tried to fucking kill him.
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