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for So Be It

9/18/2020 c1 2sacredORDINARYdays
oooooohhhhh man that last paragraph hit hard. Great writing, especially with the use of the eloquent language!
6/17/2019 c1 8Fastred of the North
Feanor and Fingolfin are very much in character! I liked how Fingolfin is concerned for the fate of his nephews' souls.

The only real grammar oversight I saw was in Fingolfin's last spoken paragraph. I would change "how it twists" to "how it twisteth." Other than that, great archaic-speak!
6/14/2019 c1 5SouthwestExpat
I've never dared to peer into the Halls of Mandos, beyond the brief time Luthien and Beren were there...well done! I agree, if FĂ«anor ever repented of his dreadful oath, it was eons later, far too late to alter anything (save his own final doom...).

Very well done! (I have zero expertise in Elvish grammar...but everything sounds right...it's in character, I'm confident

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