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6/4/2020 c5 I love Kol Miakelson
i have read your story last night and now re read it not to miss anything so your Clementine is written so well i see somone sweet insecure as lions share of attention went to Dudly but that did her some good as she will be decent person which is shown by her defence of Hermione and her clossnes with Harry despite her nasty family Petunia and Vernon & Dudly are disgusting Dudly less then them becouse they shaped him in such bully . Petunia is hypocrite there is no other word to describe her Lily was not taken from her by Wizarding World or Voldemort Petunia killed her relationship with her sister long before that with her hate and jelousy if she was not child abuser i would pity her all in all i love way you wrote this and hope for more soon.
4/1/2020 c5 M
Love this! Amazing chapter! Glad Arcturus helped her with her books! Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/1/2020 c5 Vvls
I also liked the fact that you followed cannon yet also added things like Potter manor and Lilly's letter and about grandparents!
Also adore Clementine's character... Can't wait to see more of her... It's seems like she inherited Lilly's kindness and looks. Is she also temperamental like lilly? Or more petty and sneaky when angered?

And loved that you included interhouse students talking and hanging out with each other! Like I see it very rarely in oc fics and Its so refreshing to read!

I am most excited about ARCTURUS MALFOY! Can't wait to see what you have planned for him!

PS: I am looking forward to the next chapter that I am already daydreaming about it!
4/1/2020 c5 2Antares Graceford
Good start but it's turning into a Harry bashing fic so I'm going to stop.
You offer little to no insight on Harry and his thought process. Clementine is interested in magic but Harry is not ? Why?
And Harry, who is always eager and wants to about his family is ok with Clementine taking most if not all of his mother's things? Ordinary people wouldn't be.
And he didn't do anything to Hermione to warrant an apology. Why is Clementine acting like a know it all? And some cousin she is, she abandoned him. And Harry with his overprotective streak was fine with her disappearing for hours on a train into a new world for them both? It doesn't make sense.
You're making his cousin his baby sitter and him an irresponsible child. Harry while he does reckless from time to time, isn't irresponsible.
You've created a Mary Sue and are bashing the Main character of the series to bring out her better qualities.
Why isn't Harry eager to learn magic as well? How is clementine good while he is shit? You're turning her into fandom's Lily Potter reborn all over again while Harry is some side piece, which really can't be afforded in a series like HP, especially in this given the close proximity of the OC and Harry Potter.
You need to incorporate more elements.
7/11/2019 c4 1Nanettez
Who is the Hannah in Gryffindor?
7/11/2019 c3 Nanettez
Harry was born when Lily was only twenty so it would have only been twenty years ago she purchased her wand, not thirty.
Why would Cho be nervous? She was a year older and would be in her second
7/10/2019 c3 Twelveplusone
The Ollivander scene confused me, was it Clementines mother or aunt who knocked a wall down? Because I'm not sure how Petunia Dursley would have accomplished that at eleven. First chapters were pretty good so I'm curious where you're going with this story, keep it up!
7/5/2019 c3 2rb2312
Nice chapter

really hope harry gets to live at tge potter estate. And his cousin joins him. Nice touch with parunia gelping with the platform.

Lookes like clementine may be the voice of reason for harry.
will be interesting to see how her inclusion effects events.
Hope she is friends with hermione.
Hopefully clemrntine can curb some of harry's "rush in to danger" tendancies. And mayby help hermione be more sicial

Nice idea giving draco an older brother
6/22/2019 c2 Guest
I hope Clementine is logical and sensible enough to ask Gringotts questions about the Potters’ finances, belongings, and properties that Harry, in his excitement and wonder, wouldn’t think to ask. Also hope she makes him get more books than just the ones on the school list so that they have a more well-rounded, less biased view of the wizarding world by the time they get to Hogwarts.
6/20/2019 c2 rb2312
great version of the hut scene.

I suspect that if the dursleys refuse to pay for Clementine to go to Hogwarts, harry will offer.
then again I wonder if lily knew her niece was a witch and set up a trust vault for her too.
6/17/2019 c1 1eeemkaaayy
This is so sweet, excited for the next chapter!
6/14/2019 c1 Guest
This story is off to a GREAT start I’m really excited!
6/14/2019 c1 2rb2312
Interesting idea.

should be fun when his cousin joins him at his new school.
Guessing harry told the snake to leave her alone.
6/14/2019 c1 2KalynaAnne
I'm intrigued and look forward to seeing where you go with this story!

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