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for Falling for Forever

7/2/2020 c1 Crowleya
I really had to laugh out loud on Azi's reaction to the kiss. "That was really rather lovely." Good as gold... Love them both :)
11/19/2019 c1 17RadcliffePotter
I love this. I can completely see Crowley as the (no pun intended) "devil may care to hell with plans" type personality while Azi is definitely a Type A planner. What a lovely, sweet ending. Just the right amount of sweetness. Crowley really is just a big ole softie underneath it all. :3
8/31/2019 c1 Isabel
Me ha gustado mucho la historia y el final encantador
6/25/2019 c1 Lsviolin
My heartmy hear is beating so fast
6/19/2019 c1 6SassieFan
A great little ending epilogue to the series. Thanks for sharing.
6/16/2019 c1 25Rule23
This gave me so many feels! Thanks!

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