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7/26 c1 Dafny Augusta
My couple 3
11/23/2019 c1 Guest
Very well written. You can only imagine what happened after he got in the water. (sigh)
11/5/2019 c1 Guest
Love,. Love foi stories, you could write more
7/7/2019 c1 jag389
Very nice.
6/23/2019 c1 Guest
Oh, so sweet...
6/15/2019 c1 33Gemini Explorer
What a joy to see another story from you, and so soon on the heels of the last!

This is actually one of your best, if short. Assuming that the water was clear and unlikely to contain the usual hazards of rivers in Amazonia, and the show certainly made that assumption in such cases, I found no technical flaws, apart from John unlacing his boots. Must have been a different pair of boots than he wore on the show! I like boots that lace; am now wearing a favorite pair of hunting boots from the Courtney firm in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. (Shameless plug there for a favorite brand, ha!) But John's TV boots just slipped on and off, with lighter tops to designate him as Hunt Master back in Avebury. I believe that Challenger did have a pair that laced. Not sure if he wore only those. They were much as the boots worn by real explorers of the day, like Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews, a boyhood hero of mine. I suspect that hunters and explorers of that day would be surprised at the much shorter boots by Russell and by Courtney that most prefer today! (Snake boots remain the primary tall boots.)

When I saw the description that it was a Third Season fic, I naturally hoped to see Finn, but you managed very well with just the two characters whom you employed. And, to be honest, they are the only two about who many fans especially cared...

I liked Marguerite's realization about feeling more free than the ladies she knew in England, although after WWI, Victorian prudery slipped badly. Being on the Plateau, she wouldn't have known that until Finn's arrival.

You achieved both sentimentality and sensuality here, and Marguerite's reaction to John's watching her was far nicer for him than was that similar occasion in the First Season, where the croc or caiman interrupted her swim and she made it clear that he was unwelcome.

Being male, I naturally enjoyed Marguerite's nudity, which was both tasteful and arousing. She (Rachel) actually had a better figure than did Veronica. We usually just saw less of it. Not that I was bored by the looks of any of the three Treehouse women!

This is a really nice story, and I hope you net many reviews, although most won't write as much as I do. I think that an author who pens a good tale deserves a review that takes me as long to write as to drink a cup of tea. You won't get much analysis from a "review" consisting of a couple or three sentences...

To sum up, you're a fine writer who just needs to pay more attention to small details and sometimes to think scenes through and test a scene against how reality would dictate that it be written.

I hope we'll soon see more of your talented prose.

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