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for Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates

6/8 c44 4Major Simi
Wow really nice crossover with Kingsman there. Anyway great chapter
6/8 c43 Major Simi
Well good chapter
6/6 c44 77DJ Rodriguez
Thanks for the update! And also, never heard of the Kingsman franchise, so that is new to me.

Danny and Alex were all set up for their date when Paulina arrived, and once again was put in her place by both the authorities and also by the couple. But Jerry calls them in, this time for something very serious. And to top it off, Jazz and Antonio are getting married! Way past cool! My congrats to the couple, if you please!

Tucker than informs Danny on how bad the situation is, and it is enough for Fenton to help his lady and her friends in any way that he can. And when vigilante group meets official spy group, it was pretty interesting to say the least! And with some help from some good, powerful allies, they manage to save the hostages and the day!

All in all, this was excellent! Keep it up!
6/5 c44 Leonardo
Com certeza eu não esperava uma adaptação de "Kingsman : Serviço Secreto" .
6/5 c44 William Escobar 608
1) No se quién merece ser GOLPEADO por interrumpir su cita Paulina y Alex.

2) ¿Tucker TAMBIÉN trabaja para Woohp ahora?.

3) ¿Elton John?, ¿es enserio?.
6/5 c44 4861394
Hopefully they can rescue Elton John without the saddest rendition of country roads
(RIP Merlin)
6/5 c44 6Jebest4781
Looked great here and wonder what else you'll adapt later on.
6/5 c44 3RonaldM40196867
Kingsman rules!

Spies are so exciting.
6/5 c44 4Monster King
5/19 c42 4Major Simi
Well interesting chapter
5/16 c43 4861394
Nice references to the x-men movies and my own work
5/16 c43 77DJ Rodriguez
Wow! It seems that things escalated fast in this chapter. Kitty manages to gain the aid of Alex and WHOOP for a dangerous assignment, and it seems that things got tense for some time. Sadly, I am not too familiar with the X-Men movies and cartoon series. Some to a certain degree, but that is about it. But it seemed that things worked out there in the end.

All in all, nice story! Keep it up!
5/15 c43 Leonardo
Outras garotas que Danny conheceu no serviço de encontros serão destaque em futuros arcos ?
5/15 c43 3RonaldM40196867
Kurt needs help alright.
5/15 c43 4danifan3000
from what I remember from X-Men 2 Bobby's parents couldn't accept that he was a mutant(his mother even asking him if he tried not being one) his brother was even the one that called the soldiers that attacked wolverine's group outside the house.

I wonder if a future could have them be confronted about that. because they don't make any other appearances after that, and quite frankly disowning someone because they're different is messed up enough but when a family member calls in someone to have them killed, some kind of legal action needs to happen
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