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9/15/2020 c7 29Sakura Lisel
Seriously? They really thought that after 11 years they can just show up and say 'we are your bio parents and we are 'sorry' we gave you up years ago, but now we are back and are here to take you back'? Like taking Harry 'back' was even STILL an option, or that Harry was going to just abandon the NEW life and NEW family just because the Potters show up and say so? Or that Harry's NEW family are going to LET them take the boy they consider to be THEIR son now, just because the bio parents who ABANDONED him tracked them down and are 'asking' for him back like the whole child abandonment NEVER happened?
11/1/2019 c7 Ana Luisa
Excelente muy bien me fascinó
10/31/2019 c4 Ana Luisa
Muy bien excelente
10/31/2019 c3 Ana Luisa
Hermoso bello muy bien
10/31/2019 c2 Ana Luisa
Excelente muy bien me fascinó
10/31/2019 c1 Ana Luisa
Excelente comienzo de la historia
11/1/2019 c7 3697014
Make the chapters longer, please
11/1/2019 c7 mizzrazz72
They have the balls of a brass monkey to think that they can come in and take Harry away. They gave Harry up.
10/26/2019 c2 Roostertheking
Why ms. Smit... Only answering the girls and not harry?... She called them ladies...
If the parents went missing within a year then when Daphne was born?.. How old is she?...
10/26/2019 c5 Roostertheking
Why did.. Grimm suddenly went and adopted a baby.. When already hving a baby at home?... Is it allowed?
Why the st
10/26/2019 c4 Roostertheking
Lilly asking.. Harry who? was really unwated... Because next moment they r jumping at albus to bring him back...
How can u track someone whoes last name itself u don't know... Albus didn't know what happened to harry in last chapter and this chapter... He knows the last name to track him down... So silly...
Are you tring to finish the story sooner?.. Are u hving writers block?... Because u are rushing things without any head or tails and chapter length is extremely small compared to first chapter...
10/25/2019 c5 13fernyyuki
desde que la abandona
10/24/2019 c5 Dawn Nightshade
Bella should be Sophie’s twin, be a elf, it’s should start at the beginning, with Edward bashing and all her friends should be in forks.
10/17/2019 c4 mizzrazz72
How quick Lily forgot her son. Do they think that Harry will welcome them with open arms? I think not.
10/16/2019 c4 fernyyuki
esta muy genial la historia
espero sigas asi publicando
seguido espero noticias
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