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for This Place Sucks

10h c4 3ErinKenobi
I re-word my last review. Amy is spot on too. Using perfect grammar in her texts haha. Such a santiago thing to do :))

10h c2 ErinKenobi
A shorter chapter for sure but your Rosa reactions are spot on.
10h c1 ErinKenobi
ok yay so I got really excited.
I read this about a week ago, and wanted to read it again but I could not find it. but here it is! So I’m going to review it for you too :). I think it’s super creative and I love how it’s written. thanks for allowing this story to exist...?

8/17 c25 JMH23
Great chapter!
8/7 c15 Annie
so far i'm liking the story and i like how its easy to follow
7/26 c24 JMH23
Love this! Hope you update soon!
6/23 c23 JMH23
Loved it! Update soon please!
6/12 c22 JMH23
Hi! I just found this story and I'm completely in love with it. Please, please don't end it! I mean, it's your story and you can do whatever you want, but I'd love it if you continued it for long.
4/17 c15 Guest
C'mon! When Rosa says 'try harder next time' Jake should've said 'title of your sex tape' she basically set it up for him
4/14 c19 Stabbity Bob
4/8 c1 haha
nup toits
3/26 c14 5StrangerThanXsAnatomy
This is really really good! Are you planning on continuing it? :)
7/24/2019 c7 Guest
6/26/2019 c5 Guest
Oh it was no biggie ur making me blush lol . Anyway it's great that you updated I'm really excited . It's awesome ! Thank you for writing !
6/25/2019 c4 Guest
Duude I love this ! There are so few fics exploring what happened to Rosa in prison and I love how ur portraying it ! Keep it up dude .

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