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2/5 c69 5kimek
Twins learnt in a hard way that pranks can backfire rather painfully (for their butts in this case)

And sheesh, Blanc DO have an issues with her temper, that's for sure (maybe that's why Rom and Ram can't help but tease ehr to see divine butthurt?)
2/5 c69 10NepShrimpz

Shoulda made them prego for real
2/5 c69 32DeraldSny
Okay, that was weird in a funny way. But yeah, the twins kinda got what they deserved this time.
2/5 c69 Mukuro Kaze
I think that Blanc reaction to this situation was pretty ... tame.

I could really see this as a scene in one of the games if only it didn't touch pedophilia, this kind of prank is something right up the twins alley or Nep idea of a bad joke.

A little too bad that we don't the other candidate or Mina's reaction to this.
Well, can't have it all i guess.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh.
2/5 c69 8Rising Dragon
I'm not sorry about this.
2/1 c68 1Battlefieldfan
Two Questions...
Why does it show Complete?

And if it’s still being updated... how about a story where Noire, tries to combine her Rapier Style with a Pistol?
1/24 c68 10NepShrimpz
SMILE you are Gehaburn food
1/24 c68 32DeraldSny
That’s an interesting interpretation. Never would have considered the possibility.
1/24 c68 Mukuro Kaze
Damn ...

I don't think i'll be able to look at Nepgya the same way as before.
1/23 c67 Joekeen
Very cute.
And, I think, very in character for Neptune - right down to Nepgear being unknowingly volunteered.
1/23 c68 5kimek
Poor Conquest!Nepgear, she deserved that hug (and vert desreved to pamper and bneing pampered by HER sister Nepgear).

Pretty bittersweet story, knowing how much poor Conquest!Nepgear suffered
1/20 c67 UnknownVoid25
NepNep is officially a cool best friend to have when she can be affable on so many levels.
1/19 c67 10NepShrimpz
And thus Vert's dream was real for two days
1/19 c67 32DeraldSny
Aww, how happy yet bittersweet.
On a personal note, my mom is getting chemotherapy treatments, so I have to stay with her for the rest of the week... Her PC is still working though, so I’ll still be able to write at least.
1/19 c67 5kimek
Awww, how sweet, Planeptune sisters is always there for Vert. At this rate I think Vert REALLY want be a family wth BOTH Neptune and Nepgear
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