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for Hyperdimension Neptunia One-Shots

1/17 c66 NeoJay7
How about a One-Shot of Neptune and Noire having a relationship similar to Ikki and Stella from Chivalry of a Failed Knight?
1/16 c66 Guest
Should have had Nepgear jump into Uni's chest the moment she saw her.
1/14 c66 5kimek
Ouch, poor Blanc's Trauma Button got particullary smashed by her own sister(s)!

Well, seems that CPU Candidates can relate to Blanc in having issues with their body image. ESPECIALLY Uni

1/13 c66 32DeraldSny
Well, this was silly and funny. Thanks.
(PS- Sorry for not keeping up with your ongoing stories, RL stuff is happening.)
1/13 c66 10NepShrimpz
Tbh Blanc should've tried to pop them
1/13 c66 2Arkmaster2196
Excellent, just excellent, this could work as an individual story (the adventures of Adult Rom)
12/11/2020 c9 Cooldude101011
Really “stench of a man” how rude (or derogatory) is that? Still I’m not that offended by it so I don’t care
12/6/2020 c65 Nepshrimozmobile
Nice one!

Hmmm, Neptune has a book harem doesn't she?
12/6/2020 c65 mega1987

oh hayate... she found a better target than shamal and signum...
12/6/2020 c65 1NexusPrime42
It's been a while since you made any involvement with the Nanoha series it's good to bring it back once in a while. Though I'm not sure if you discontinued your Nanoha stories especially the Blood that flowsthe Relationship series.
12/6/2020 c65 5kimek
I REALLY happy that you followed that urge. More Nanoha/Neptune crossovers are always welcome!

P.S. Hayate also would be quick to bond with Noire due to their shared cosplay hobby.
12/6/2020 c65 Mukuro Kaze
I honestly don't know what to say about this chapter.

It was nice and good, but as someone who didn't watch/read/whatever Nanoha, i feels that half the jokes got over my head.
12/6/2020 c65 32DeraldSny
:-) Aww, this is so heartwarming. Also, poor Vert. XD
11/22/2020 c64 Nepshrimpzmobile
Echoes good end, huh? Nice!

If only Noire survived for real tho...
11/21/2020 c64 2Shiena
Oh my goddess! That’s so beautiful! I love this what if! I also like how GW Noire and Chrome are retired CPUs and moving around together XD
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