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11/20/2020 c64 PlaneptuneNeptune
I am once again reminded that I miss Dark Noire. Still thankful that you didn't do that ghost idea though.
11/20/2020 c64 mega1987
Damnit nanya. You just made me remember and cry for the best void ever exist in gamworld.

You and your onion ninjas.
11/20/2020 c64 Joekeen
So, I was curious how it would've gone if Gamworld Noire survived the Lastation arc. It's interesting seeing one way it could have gone - though I am a bit surprised Neptune (Hyper) didn't stay in Gamworld for at least a couple years, to help the Gamworld Candidates with taking over.
Then again, that might have made it harder for the Candidates to take over, since people would probably have put their faith towards Neptune if she was present, seeing as she and Chrome are the ones who actually ended most of the Voids.
11/20/2020 c64 32DeraldSny
Hmmm, this is quite interesting. Nice to see redhead Noire again, for sure.
(To be fair, I understand why you ended EotD the way you did- Gamworld being saved at the end would've been too cliche, to say the least. At least most of the human citizens escaped.)
11/20/2020 c64 Mukuro Kaze
That is a really cool what if, the only thing i can ask for is the reaction of Noire toward Gamworld Noire.

Kind of weird to know that Peashy is the ruler of Lewdbox ... that feels wrong.
11/20/2020 c64 5kimek
I just love it!
So much pain and suffering could have beein avoided if it goes that way... *sniff*
SO beautiful
11/10/2020 c61 2Shiena
This is really sweet. And Uzume acted exactly like the big sister that Nepgear needs. Man, if a sequel was made for the conquest ending. Not that I want everyone to die, but I wonder how the developers would play out her story after the conquest ending. That could be like a spin off game.
11/10/2020 c60 Shiena
Ooooooooh! So this is the one shot the you continued with. So is this one-shot the prequel or did you flushed out this one shot and we get to see Neptune stuck in Ultradimension for a hundred years in Ages?
10/31/2020 c59 Shiena
Damn, I didn’t know that that the Sega Dreamcast was the basis for all smart devices. This was such a learning experience!
10/31/2020 c56 Shiena
Oh my god. XD
I was so confused as to what was going on. To think that Plutia and Neptune did the naughty naughty! That’s so hilarious! XD
10/31/2020 c55 Shiena
To all kids that plays this game. The DLC for Console Wars will traumatize you. You have been warned, play at your own risk. XD
10/31/2020 c54 Shiena
Wait, really? An adult uncensored game on Nintendo? XD
10/31/2020 c53 Shiena
I agree! Give us a prequel or something Idea Factory! I also want to know what Uranus looks like! I had to guess based off Uzume and Neptune!
10/30/2020 c63 23 Question Marks
10/26/2020 c63 AmethystPone
Mein Gott!
I...I am speechless...
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