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for Harry Potter and the Friend with Benefits

9/11 c76 amortentiate
Oh yeah. That's the stuff I like. There is nothing hotter than two beauties tribbing. Now, if some enterprising lady were to devise a way to make tribbing a three people activity, it would be even hotter.

Fair to say I like the second half of the chapter a lot more than the first half. Hermione should have joined in and made it a hot lesbian foursome. What a missed opportunity...

Harry burning down the Gaunt shack was all sorts of symbolic. Good stuff.

9/10 c76 red demon161
Nice very nice. Harry showed a more vulnerable side of himself. Despite my mixed feelings about Dumbledore he is still such a big part of Harry's life.

Hermione's scenes were hot. I loved Hermione referring to Lavender as Harry's slave. Speaking of slaves Padma might want to be careful around Hermione. She was definitely showing some of her dom side. I'm liking Switch Hermione.

It was pretty interesting to see Hermione's thought on McGonagall. It looks like Hermione still considers her her favorite teacher. McGonagall basically slut shamed her. I heard of physical fights breaking out between teachers and parents when they say what McGonagall said.

I know they were neglecting their studies but I felt McGonagall went a bridge to far on attacking Hermione like that. When she turned on Harry for sticking up for Hermione I wanted Harry to throw so salt in her wounds by saying "how many students died on your watch Ms. Deputy-Headmistress?"
9/4 c75 amortentiate
Hey you cut it off at the best part. C'mon now. The next chapter better be hot hot hot. ;)

Thus endeth the chronicle of the unworthy Draco Malfoy. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. That's exactly the ignominious end that a creep like Malfoy deserves. Those poor girls though. They did not deserve to be killed because they were around this dipshit.

Sirius happened to find a fellow magical for a girlfriend. lol

Very sweet scene between Daphne and Tracey. My only quibble is their sudden declaration of 'love' for Harry. That's not exactly believable. In fact, it's very odd that a lesbian couple is suddenly professing their eternal love for man. A man they don't know very well.

9/2 c75 red demon161
So Daphne and Tracey finally admit that they're in love with Harry. I can't wait for them to tell him.

Draco is dead and by his fellow Death Eaters to. Well Draco wanted to play Big Boy Games and now he won Big Boy Prizes. The downside is poor Isabella paid for it. A part of me hoped the she would be rescued. That Harry would have his big hero moment.

Hehe looks like the twins might be joining the …family soon.
8/28 c74 amortentiate
Quite a lot happened very quickly. Harry and gang really didn't have a lot of time to plan anything.

Why disable Dumbledore so horrifically? Why remove a very capable fighter from Harry's side? Just because canon did something nutty like this we don't have to follow the same nuttiness.

A killing curse would have been a lot easier on ol' Dumbledore than going through that entire song and dance on removing the horcrux that way, I think.

Crabbe deserved every bit of punishment that came his way. Harry shouldn't feel bad for doing the needful.

8/27 c2 Simianpower
Harry applied "the best locking charm he knew plus an alarm" and then not five minutes later Hermione opens the curtains without him so much as noticing.

I don't care if the smut is decent; if the story contradicts itself this much, it's just a bunch of words thrown together, not even a story, and definitely not worth reading. You've gotta learn to keep your thoughts straight in your head first, then get them onto a page in coherent fashion. I can now see why this story has so few reviews, and why they drop to nearly nothing after five or six chapters. I'm out.
8/27 c1 Simianpower
This chapter is self-contradictory in several ways. First, the succubus can only feed on Harry up to once per day MAXIMUM, then later it's three times. Then Harry gets dressed (he "complied" when she said to, and he's shown putting on his shoes) and then when he shows up in the library he's naked. Then Lilith has a "nearly flat rear" that just a few minutes later is round and shapely.

Seriously, I get that this is a smut story, but at least have it be self-consistent! That's the lowest possible bar!
8/26 c74 red demon161
Nice very nice. It was interesting to see the Gaunt shack rather than Tom's Cave of Horrors.

No smut unfortunately. I did like Harry calling Lavender by her real name-Slave.
I know they have that whole sharing thing going on but there are times I do wish Harry would get a little possessive of his girls.

I felt your show cased some of Harry's faults here. Harry can face danger easily in fact a little to easily but when it's someone else Harry can fall too pieces. So many writers tend to gloss over Harry's faults so I was glad to see it so well written here.
7/31 c73 amortentiate
Good one today. A bit darker than usual but good nevertheless.

Harry is finally starting to mean business. Good. A leader sometimes needs to get his hands dirty.

Why didn't he 'interrogate' the rest of the Slytherin as well? If Crabbe knew this much there are others who might know more.

7/30 c73 red demon161
Nice very nice. I like how Pansy was just there when Harry wanted his after class wind down blowjob. I also liked how Ginny had to obey his orders. I'm glad that when Harry got to listening he was able to control himself.

I loved the Harry/Katie scene. I liked how he 'took care' of her. The massage was great. I still hoping for scene with Harry's three pets giving him one. :)

I loved Harry's interrogation. When Harry started in with the spells I was thinking just jam your wand between his legs. Once he feels his balls are threatened he'll sing like a canary. And what do you know he did.
7/24 c71 Alwin-nl
Harry definitely needs to introduce Astoria to the… club. I bet she’s a kinky little one, and not averse of eating a pussy or two. Just imagine, iris with a dick, Ginny riding her while Astoria eats her out…
7/24 c72 Alwin-nl
Need… moar… chapters…

This is still my current favourite fanfic, and today I happily found out ffn is thee chapters up over ao3, but it barely satisfied my appetite for moooaaaar…

Sadly, I have no spare currency so no way for me to subscribe.
Still, even while it takes some time, thanks for posting for free as well!
7/18 c72 red demon161
Nice. I loved the chapter. It was great to see more of Daphne and Tracey especially Tracey as we rarely see her. I liked the parts where Harry was giving back rubs to Pansy and then Daphne and the part where they were watching Tracey with Ron.

I also like how we can see Tracey's attraction to Harry and some of Daphne's worry about Tracey. I really liked the part at the end though when Harry told Pansy to open her legs for him. :)
7/17 c72 amortentiate
This was a very good chapter. Iris scenes notwithstanding. he he

Harry is slowly consolidating the girls who feel like 'Family'. That is very nice.

Why exclude Lavender from the fun? The given reason is not believable enough. Harry has a succubus on his side and she can't distract 2 boys? C'mon!

Baby steps for Tracy. Very nice. It's doubly nice that Tracy and Daphne's relationship is strong enough to allow Tracy to explore this way. When will we see Daphe getting it on with the other girls?

7/17 c72 ender.creeper1219
Review! Is good. Wholesome. 333
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