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for Harry Potter and the Friend with Benefits

8/1 c38 amortentiate
You really hit it out of the park with this chapter. Goddamn! That was very hot.

Harry and Co are really getting into the kinky stuff. I like it.

Ron and Ginny have really taken the first major step in family fun stuff. It should get more varied as time goes.

Hermione, Ginny and Hannah really got their minds blown. Truly.

Can't say that I'm a fan of the DV action in this chapter. I mean Hermione's ass was available at that time, after all. Why Harry had to go for her already occupied pussy, I don't understand...

However, making the girls airtight was hot! We need more scenes of this happening.

7/31 c38 yoto
bon chapitre
7/31 c38 red demon161
The orgy continues. I liked Harry fucking Hannah's tits and the part where Harry called Hermione a wanton slut. I would like to see more name calling and dirty talk from Harry in the future.

I do like that Harry is giving more direction, becoming more dominate.
7/30 c38 Guest
Wow real hot
7/18 c37 amortentiate
Finally got the time to review! It's been a hectic week.

What took over Seamus? Anything good, bad, neutral? What was it?

Dean seems to be a straight forward chap, all things considered.

The Group is gelling very well together. Hannah is a great addition. The jealousy stuff should be carefully excised and killed. That will just end up causing no end of trouble for Harry and Co.

Ginny truly was the star of the show. Very nice. We see the walls between brother and sister slowly breaking down. Good.

Hermione is shaping up very nicely. She should embrace her bisexuality, I say. Double the pleasure and all that. Why get into any fun stuff with "I'm straight, but..."

Ron is in a very good place now. Pity canon Ron was never this well adjusted.

What's Harry doing other dudes' equipments? That was unexpected.

7/17 c37 yoto
bon chapitre
7/17 c37 Guest
Super hot
7/17 c37 red demon161
That was one hot orgy. Hannah seemed to shine the most. I loved that she got DPed. I also liked how Harry walk over to her and removed her bra to show her tits. I do hope for Harry to take Hannah some more.

It's also great to see Romilda 'recovored'. :)
7/3 c36 yoto
bon chapitre
7/3 c36 amortentiate
Hermione getting her runes was very hot. Wow! Now Hermione can get into all of the fun stuff wholeheartedly. We definitely need more Hermione scenes. The action always ramps up with her.

Ginny is really becoming a stand out character. That girl is wonderful.

I always maintain that two girls making love to each other is one of the most beautiful sights ever. That Daphne and Tracey scene was astounding. Very well done.

Harry, Daphne and Tracey are having a wild monkey sex and they are still in surname basis? There is such a thing as being too British. lol

Loved the dig on the whole Lords House business thing. Made me lol.

Astoria probability had the most realistic reaction to a life threatening disease announcement ever. Poor girl.

What's a quirt? A plug?

Harry and Ron's friendship in this story is far better than what we saw in canon. Ron's come a long way, he's actually worthy of best friend status. Not as close as Hermione obviously, but still pretty kiff (as the South Africans would say).

Really enjoyable chapter this time around. Not as hot as the previous chapter, but still top notch.

7/2 c36 red demon161
Great to see an update. Hermione getting her runes was hot. I love the image of Hermione tied up and of Harry waking up with Ginny and Hermione in his arms.

I loved that Daphne and Tracey along with Astoria showed up. It's been so long that I almost forgot that Harry is helping Astoria with her sickness.

I really did like the threesome with Daphne and Tracey. I do hope we see more of the other girls. It feels like it's been awhile. Will Demelza join with them? I sure hope so.
7/2 c36 Guest
Another real hot chapter
7/2 c36 Guest
good but its a shame you didn't do a complete slow strip for daphne and tracey and not a fan of muggle cures/diseases.
6/21 c35 amortentiate
Bloody hell! This chapter really delivered the goods. Wow!

That was an outstanding orgy scene. Also it's really good to see Hermione getting comfortable with her inner slut. lol Now if she could only hit on a few girls and have them dive under her skirt, everything will be copacetic.

Ginny is really coming along. She is quickly becoming one of the best characters in FwB. Can't wait to see brother and sister 'bonding'. More pervy stuff, dear author. Your readers want moar!

Hope the doctors can find a cure for poor Astoria soon.

6/20 c35 yoto
bon chapitre
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