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for Harry Potter and the Friend with Benefits

2/24 c97 red demon161
Nice, no smut though. Not that I'm complaining. I loved that Harry said that he loves Hermione and wants to marry her.
2/18 c96 red demon161
Nice very nice. Poor Katie she's had a hard year. I'm glad she's joining Harry at his manor. I can't wait to see her reaction at Fleur wearing a French Maid outfit.

It was nice to see Romilda and Demelza Robins. Demelza is such an under used character. I remember reading a great Demelza/Harry once where she was super submissive.
2/16 c95 Alwin-nl
Ahaha brilliant chapter, especially the part after the “oh”

I’m so excited for the summer!
2/12 c95 red demon161
Nice. I loved the talk between Harry and the Greengrass sisters. Harry becoming guardian to Astoria is not something I saw. I also liked Harry bringing up Daphne's crush on her sister.

I just loved the implication that even though Harry gets to have amazing hot sex with a bunch of beautiful girls he's also a bit lonely. I think this is the first time he's told any of his girls that he loves them.

Hopefully during summer he can get closer to some of his girls. I thought that the Greengrass girls were staying at Potter Manor during the summer.
2/5 c94 red demon161
Nice. I loved the Patils joining in on the fun. Harry's right guys would do anything to have a set of hot twins blowing them. Especially twin who don't mind playing with each other.

I get the feeling that Potter Manor will be a den of debauchery during the summer.
1/27 c93 red demon161
Nice very nice. I loved Harry giving Susan her first orgasm. A real powerful one too.
1/22 c92 Alwin-nl
I’ve stopped reading for a while because of the very infrequent updates, and just got ‘up to date’ so to speak.

While I - truly - appreciate the smut (needs more Harry/ginny and Ron needs to get over himself and fuck her already, lol) trough Luna we know voldyshorts knows about the destroyed horcrux so they might want to focus on that during the summer, before he retrieves them and they get much harder to find..
1/14 c92 red demon161
Nice. I liked their meeting. Even the clubhouse was nice. I can't wait for the Harry/Parvati. She look like fun. Harry is still really learning about dominance with all the girls he's with. Parvati looks like someone he could really cur loose with. Harry can let his own freak flag fly high.

Ha. Read the part with Parvati talking about the Yule Ball, AAWW Harry loves Hermione. Now I want a scene with Harry and Hermione in bed together after some really raunchy se, Harry leaning back against the headboard with his arms wrapped around Hermione who has her back against Harry chest. Both looking at each other adoringly.
1/11 c58 Genesis09
Wonder how Daphne and Tracy will react if/when they eventually meet Iris, will they ravage her?
1/9 c27 Talyn9661
What happened to Fleur? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was waiting to see how she’d fit into this story because, let’s face it, she’s incredibly hot. And to clarify, I’m not talking about the “film” version. I personally have a mental image and I think you captured it pretty wel. But really, a blurb in a chapter? Maybe two? And didn’t you imply that she needed to be satiated on the reg? But we haven’t been treated to her since before Harry’s birthday. So, gotta say, I’m highly disappointed with that.

One other thing; I thought this story pulled from the books and not the movies? But you mentioned the internet during Harry’s summer hols and while yes, it existed in 1996 you had Harry mention using it the year before he went to Hogwarts. That SHOULD be 1990. Seems unlikely. 2000, much more reasonable. Still, I don’t think it was necessary to chew up the timeline or what have you when the subject isn’t even that critical to the story/plot. Sorry; just my two cents.
1/6 c91 red demon161
Nice. Glad to see Lilith back up again. I loved the idea of Harry fucking a comatose girl. The tit fuck was hot. I hope to see Harry do that with another girl like Pansy or Daphne, maybe Hermione, it's been awhile since we've see those two together.

It was pretty hot to see Harry about to finish with Lilith and than see Harry look at the other girls and imagine them while he was with Lilith.
1/6 c90 red demon161
If I recall right in the pervious chapter Harry put a fox tail butt plug in Ginny. It was well chosen she really is a teasing little vixen. :)
12/25/2023 c89 red demon161
Holy shit that was hot. The pet girls scene was very hot. I hope they wear the harnesses all the time now under their clothes. It's so hot to think of Lavender and Ginny heeling him like pets.

The scene with Daphne and Tracey was hot. I've been wanting to see them especially Daphne plugged for awhile now. I loved hoe Harry order Daphne to take off her clothes. I get the feeling Harry and Tracey are going to have a lot of fun together over the summer.
12/23/2023 c88 red demon161
YES! The moment I've been waiting for. Harry collaring two of his girls. No smut but this chapter was still fun. I love the idea of Daphne having to ask Harry to put a plug in her.

I think we discussed that awhile back. I thought it would be hot for Daphne to have to approach Harry, give him a curtsy and ask politely for her plug to be put in her or removed. :)

I also liked the books Harry now has access to. It's given him a frame of reference to the kinks he's been stumbling with. Now how to act in regards to those kinks should be easier.

Did Harry try out one of the harnesses with Hermione? I would love to see Hermione wear one that holds in a plug for Harry.
12/20/2023 c87 red demon161
So happy to see a bonus update. I didn't expect Tom to have lost that many people. I always felt that he never had more than a hundred followers. With most of them being supporters who pushed his agenda or useless cannon fodder.

No smut though. After that fight I have expected Harry to grab one of the girls and drag her over to some corner. I also assumed the 'dungeon' was still a dungeon just with Harry sleeping in it. :)
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