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for Harry Potter and the Friend with Benefits

6/21/2022 c35 amortentiate
Bloody hell! This chapter really delivered the goods. Wow!

That was an outstanding orgy scene. Also it's really good to see Hermione getting comfortable with her inner slut. lol Now if she could only hit on a few girls and have them dive under her skirt, everything will be copacetic.

Ginny is really coming along. She is quickly becoming one of the best characters in FwB. Can't wait to see brother and sister 'bonding'. More pervy stuff, dear author. Your readers want moar!

Hope the doctors can find a cure for poor Astoria soon.

6/20/2022 c35 yoto
bon chapitre
6/20/2022 c35 red demon161
Damn. That was awesome. I think this was the hottest chapter yet. I love how Harry refers to Romilda as the slave. Hermione was great. Harry and Lyra DPing her was so hot. I can't wait until Harry has Hermione all tied up and at his mercy. :)

I also loved Harry using his new camera.
6/19/2022 c23 Runecutter
Is there any reason why Lilith is answering in these "full mouth" murmurs that are barely decipherable, when she can talk perfectly fine to Harry in their heads?
6/17/2022 c34 Happy
Is there going to be anymore futa/harry scenes?
6/17/2022 c19 Runecutter
How would Lilith's maternal grandfather have any input on her name?
Also is "Vergot" a pun on "forget"?

The CPS bit was cool. I immediately thought "oh she's going to be a lawyer" as soon as you mentioned the business suit, but maybe something official would work better with the "properly" obedient Vernon. Although posting as his account managers' human representative would maybe have scared Petunia more.

Oh and Vernon actually being homosexual but marrying Petunia to "look" normal (cough cough as normal as a small hill wearing a sweater in the middle of the suburbs) is an interesting twist i don't think i have ever seen done before. Nice. Just... don't shame him for it. It's not "being gay" that is shameful, but suppressing it for a semblance of normalcy and fitting in.
Maybe have some fun later when the Order comes for Harry, have Vernon throw Shacklebolt some appreciative glances or something :D Or even Sirius as now the rascal is not dead!
6/16/2022 c16 Runecutter
There must have been some mistake in your notes. When the rescue party arrives at the Ministry two chapters ago, Hermione counts them through and gets to 17 including Ron and her, plus Harry makes 18.
There were no 23 students in that battle. And thus only 14 should have made it back.
6/9/2022 c1 HotDog Smoothie
This is like actually good writing, which is not something I usually connect with smut
6/4/2022 c34 amortentiate
That was a very hot scene between 'Lily' and Harry. Lilith has an excellent imagination when it comes to the essentials. lol

The Romilda situation continues to be very uncomfortable. Hope there is a resolution in the offing.

Cormac is a dick. He deserves all the erectile disfunction he can get.

Harry and Lilith could have made Dumbledore go through the entire home videos thing at one go. It would take what, 30 mins tops? They could actually discuss strategy.

6/4/2022 c34 Guest
Lilith really loves pushing the incest. She definitely has an obsession with transforming into Lily
6/3/2022 c34 red demon161
That was great. I loved Harry using thrall Romilda. I can't wait for when she snapps out of her trance and becomes aware of her new life. :)

I'm very happy to see Lavender again. I loved her little confession. I can't wait to see Harry take Lavender and show her her place, at his feet. :)
6/3/2022 c34 yoto
bon chapitre
6/3/2022 c34 Guest
Hot chapter. Can’t wait until there’s more
5/22/2022 c33 red demon161
Nice very nice. I loved the ritual. I think Neville is an ass man. Though it looks like Harry is starting to become one too.

I loved seeing Ginny all tied up and helpless.

Sorry I didn't review earlier I was addicted to a epic GoT fic on AH.
5/21/2022 c33 yoto
bon chapitre
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