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for Harry Potter and the Friend with Benefits

5/1/2022 c31 red demon161
Great to see an update. That was some hot stuff. It looks like Romilda is a brain washed slave now at least until they can coach her down a bit.

It was also very hot what Harry and Lilith got up to. Lilith sucking herself off and then Harry sticking her own tail up her ass was great.

I also liked Harry giving Ginny permission to wank Ron off if he wants it.
5/1/2022 c31 Guest
Intriguing chapter, as it reveals a lot more about succubi and incubi. I feel bad about what happened to Romilda, although Harry didn’t mean to break her. I agree with your decision to have this event cause major issues for the rest of the year; I hope theirs a satisfactory resolution. It was a little confusing as Lilith said both Romilda will get through it eventually and that Lilith would bring her back to her world to give her a better end. Will she eventually recover or not? Also I’m very curious to see the development of Harry’s new powers. Finally, I am also curious about the Weasley’s heritage. Would this imply that most wizards and witches, given the small size of the community, have some sort of Succubus ancestor, including Harry. I assume this will come into play later; perhaps Harry is even more closely linked than Lilith assumes, given how quickly he is gaining the new powers. Anyways, thanks for sharing and can’t wait for more.
4/30/2022 c31 Trivieum
Oops. Poor Vane lol.
4/30/2022 c31 yoto
bon chapitre
4/30/2022 c31 amortentiate
I didn't like this chapter. Sorry to say. We want our heroes to be good. We want willing women to fall into bed with them. This chapter was hardly anything heroic. Two men from the heroes camp raped one of their own, broke her mind and left her in a worse state than before. This Romilda Vane had done nothing to Harry or Ron. Her treatment was extremely cruel. They abuses her trust in the worst way possible. I would be cheering for Hermione to cut off their dicks.

Strange to say that I enjoyed the author's note more than the actual chapter this time around. Yay for more chapters and other stories.

4/11/2022 c30 lionheart13k
Just came across this story and it’s quite fun. Hoping to see some fun with polyjuice coming up.
4/4/2022 c30 yoto
bon chapitre
4/4/2022 c30 Guest
I’ve really enjoy this story, so I’ll repeat what I have said earlier. You would probably get a lot more recognition/feedback if you posted it on ao3. Something like a chapter every two days until it’s caught up.
4/4/2022 c30 amortentiate
Really hot update to polish off the 30th chapter. Very intense smut. Harry and Hermione making up was the best part, IMHO. :) I would have appreciated a Hermione/Harry one-on-one make up sex scene. That would have been a nice touch.

Neville is part of the group now. Is he going to exclusive to Harry's group, or will he and Hannah be a more stable couple?

Ron should do away with his middle-class morality if he wants to be a part of this group. Thinking that his sister is hot does not even register on the kinky radar. lol

The Dean scene (heh heh) was freaky in the best way.

4/3/2022 c30 red demon161
I'm glad to see an update. It feels like forever since the last one. :)

The smut as always was hot. I actually liked the talk Ron and Harry had at the end. I can see Ron's point Hermione was something special that Harry and Ron shared.

Hehe Ron admitted that he wants his sister aka Harry's pet.
4/3/2022 c30 Guest
The unique power for all the characters is an interesting idea. I can’t wait to see what each one gets. Also is the default process for someone to join the group the loyalty oaths? Dean is probably trustworthy but probably a good precaution. Also Ginny seems to be almost asking to get railed by Lilith’s futa side, which will be fun.
3/28/2022 c8 Guest
shame what you did with Snape but really enjoy the story
3/6/2022 c29 Guest
Another good chapter. I hope to see Lilith featured more prominently in next chapter though!
3/5/2022 c29 yoto
bon chapitre
3/5/2022 c29 amortentiate
That was extremely irresponsible by both Harry and Hannah. It's one thing to like sex, it's a whole another thing to be a fool about it. Neither of them anywhere near to have a kid. That was just plain stupid.

Making a sex tape at school eh? Horny teens will be horny teens. lol

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