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for Harry Potter and the Friend with Benefits

7/24 c71 Alwin-nl
Harry definitely needs to introduce Astoria to the… club. I bet she’s a kinky little one, and not averse of eating a pussy or two. Just imagine, iris with a dick, Ginny riding her while Astoria eats her out…
7/24 c72 Alwin-nl
Need… moar… chapters…

This is still my current favourite fanfic, and today I happily found out ffn is thee chapters up over ao3, but it barely satisfied my appetite for moooaaaar…

Sadly, I have no spare currency so no way for me to subscribe.
Still, even while it takes some time, thanks for posting for free as well!
7/18 c72 red demon161
Nice. I loved the chapter. It was great to see more of Daphne and Tracey especially Tracey as we rarely see her. I liked the parts where Harry was giving back rubs to Pansy and then Daphne and the part where they were watching Tracey with Ron.

I also like how we can see Tracey's attraction to Harry and some of Daphne's worry about Tracey. I really liked the part at the end though when Harry told Pansy to open her legs for him. :)
7/17 c72 amortentiate
This was a very good chapter. Iris scenes notwithstanding. he he

Harry is slowly consolidating the girls who feel like 'Family'. That is very nice.

Why exclude Lavender from the fun? The given reason is not believable enough. Harry has a succubus on his side and she can't distract 2 boys? C'mon!

Baby steps for Tracy. Very nice. It's doubly nice that Tracy and Daphne's relationship is strong enough to allow Tracy to explore this way. When will we see Daphe getting it on with the other girls?

7/17 c72 ender.creeper1219
Review! Is good. Wholesome. 333
7/17 c72 resniperowl
Hmmm... I see to recall that for second set, it would have required a person to participate in all their orifices, but you chose not to go that route in this chapter. Still a good read, but unless I'm suffering from the Mandela effect, dunno how I feel about this.
7/9 c71 amortentiate
Multiverse yay! It always opens up the story stage a lot more. Very nice.

Very good scene with the Carrow twins. Unsettling but excellent.

Not much action in this chapter but it was very good nevertheless.

7/9 c70 amortentiate
Man, when the title matches the chapter. Wow!

You might have written the most hentai-est hentai that ever hentai-d. Jeepers! I honestly don't have the words. lol

Since when is Luna curvy with lustrous hair? She is generally depicted as waif with stringy hair. Is this the result of her experiences with Alra?

Off to the next chapter.

7/4 c71 red demon161
Nice. I'm always glad to see an update. A lot of information to take in here. I really hope that Harry can rescue Isabella. I so want Harry to have a big damn hero moment. Draco may have power but I always felt that when it came to combat Harry was a prodigy.

On another note I glad Harry has finally got it through his head that it's time to get some of the girls collars.
6/29 c1 DevilishPotato
Can someone tell me how this beasti thing will work? I sort of am a hipocrite when someone other than MC is the one doing the act lol if it is someone else, then I won't read, no matter if its only oone chapter haha
6/20 c69 amortentiate
Quite a shift in the chapter. It began all happy and horny and ended up such a downer.

Good talk with Harry and Daphne. I'm not sure if Daphne thinks of herself as loco parentis for Astoria. Her trying to dictate terms will go down like a lead balloon with her sister.

Warrington and Millie are turning into rock solid allies.

Pansy as a common pet of the group would make for a wonderful dynamic. Give us a scene or ten.

Will that MonsterNott thing be susceptible to heavy armament?

6/19 c69 red demon161
Nice very nice. I LOVED the scene with Pansy. I also loved that she called him Master. I liked that she left her panties for Daphne to see.

I also liked the talk he had with Daphne. I glad Harry stood his ground with her. I know she has concerns and trust issues but Daphne has to understand if she still has those concerns and questioning her trust in Harry now after how far they've come than it's time to make other arrangements. As fun as the sex with them is Harry does have many girls he loves and more to join.

I really want Nott to die horribly by Harry's hand. I do hope he tracks him down soon.
6/18 c68 amortentiate
The stipend idea is quite brilliant and also very decent of Harry.

The beginnings of an army is starting to form around Harry Potter. That's going to enrage Voldy even more when he hears about it.

Is it good that Voldy figured out that a succubus is the cause of his problems?

Katie caught Ron and Ginny. That was a good one. She would be a good fit with Harry's gang.

6/18 c68 red demon161
Nice very nice. Not much smut this chapter but in was a good chapter. I liked the scene with Katie and Susan. We got to see where they stand. Also Katie was the one who saw Ron and Ginny. Katie must of been more shocked to find out that Harry is actually encouraging them.

I liked the Harry/Hannah here. They never have a scene when it's just the two of them they're always part of the group. I look forward to the talk with Pansy.
6/17 c68 dragon slayer of death 98
i really hope daphne, astoria or her mom don't get raped by death eaters and voldemort
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