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for OSaBC Tales - Brasil Eterno

7/2 c3 10Janizary
Oh, this just gets better and better.

More please. :)
6/27 c3 DaSkyburner
Very well written again :) I might be spoiled to always assume the worst by the general PV but holy fuck am I seeing a lot of ways this can a) go wrong and b) might be some of the bigger players finding amusement in the stuff happening.
Bro Katha could help perhaps? ;D

As always: MOAR!
1/31 c2 Janizary
Very different and interesting. I hope you get past your impasse with the final installment. Subscribed in case you do.
7/14/2019 c2 kainono
Why do you have to be like this, Sloth? Why can't they just go to the Citadel, fix Niri's nightmares, go get f'd up in Noveria and then go back to happily hunting pirates? Goddammit :(
6/21/2019 c1 kainono
Damn, this was a bit of a roller coaster. First read was good, me thinking Nirin was an uber nerd and weeb. Then, after stewing on it for a bit, my brain made the connection between her being a former batarian slave and having no problem going around Volinski without a suit and got depressed. And now I read again and can't help to notice how she likes the shock thing he did to her and go "Ohh nooooo!"
It's like a matryoshka doll of depression, there is always something a little worse on the inside :(
This piece also made me paranoid towards Vigil. Has it really changed or does it still think of the "meatbags" as only tools, only really caring about Shepard?
One last thing. Near the end when Volinski learns about HelNet Lite "(...) but him? He no ulterior motives(...)" I think the goblins ate a "had" in that sentence.
Oh, yeah and I really liked this piece (despite it giving me The Big Sad). Great work Sloth!
6/21/2019 c1 Nogui
Can't get enough of a quarian weeaboo.

Damm, Vigil doesn't give a shit.

And Volinski is going to call up Mr. Coral Figurine. Nice.

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