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9/29 c17 Freduardo
In the end Iris found another way. Maybe she offed the author's muse?
9/26 c17 Wol Ryung
Maybe she can modifique the pieces and combine with Holy New race
9/14 c17 Guest
Welllll im kinda all for the the Iser ship

She gets power, money and probably a good fuck with riser since he got lots of practice

And since she gets money she can buy more power. Like draigs and albions remains

She would also have freedom since powerful devils are pretty free exept the satans i guess since they are booged down with work and other stupid weak devils

The only down side would be being afiliated with a faction

HMMM wonder what would happen to her high holy magic tho? She could still probably do it just not touch it lol and since ajuka has a kill switch to turn off her demonic traits she could also ask for a on and off switch for her devilness

Also iris can shapshift to grayfia now since she’s seen her naked lol risers gonna be a very happy husband if she accepts

Cuz i really dont see iris as a terrorist with the hero faction

She would probably try and save some of the idiots from waging war with the 3 factions like retards

Hmmm i can see her smaking the retardness out of cao cao when he does his vilain monologue

The only way humanity would unite is If the people knew about the supernatural giving them a common enemy(?)

Well more like giving them a rain check so to speak about fighting between ourselves is retarded since were only weakining ourselves to the other supernaturals more

Actually having magic out on in the open would probably help devil populaton lol and angel and grigori too since the devout christians would be even more devout aince they would see a visual goal to work towards which is cool

Lets be honest tho the hindu religion would win if they went to war lol with the sheer population of their followers
9/14 c17 Guest
Dang riser is really putting in the blood (literally since hes a fire deadpool) and sweat just to marry iris

Thats dedication lol
9/14 c16 Guest
Kinda like riser now he’s like a step down to gilgamesh in terms of pride i think (but thats also kinda bad since gilgamesh had the power to back it up)

I would love to see what riser did to be so mad at the thought of riser tho
9/14 c14 Guest
I hope she eats excalibur rapidly since shes a caster build

She could just be all “fragment? What fragment? Rapidly? Ah that stain on the wall destroyed it? I dunno”

The demonic sword gram too!
9/14 c7 Guest
Ahhh its disapointing shes adverse to eating people...like yokai or devils...maybe she could ead daidora...

WAIT! she could probably go to supernatural graveyards! She could go to hell and get some bloodlines!

Also im suprised she didnt want to be a bounty hunter so she could hunt criminal sacred gear users
9/14 c7 Guest
She doesnt like plant magic? Whuuut? Has she not seen hashirama? Ahe could make forests that could kill her enemies! Large immortal wood golems!

Killer plants! Toxic trees! Wood clones!

If she made a forest and burned it she could have a free supply of smoke for her magic reserves! And it would also kill her enemies!

What if they fly? Bigger trees! Large golems! Wood dragon!
9/14 c6 Guest
She got rous powers and she wants to specialize? Dangit girl!

You have the most versetile power ever! Why specialize? If she could make a skin for her body she could just make muscles! Dense muscles! It doubles as a secondary defense to her magic from gushing out since shes practically gunning for be8ng a glass canon with being a spell caster
9/9 c17 Flames
You... are a bastard, for abandoning this story on the biggest cliffhanger ever.
8/29 c17 TheWriterWithoutACoolName
i hope you update this again the story is at such a great and terrible cliffhanger personally i prefer chaos brigade just because there is so many factions in it that would allow for some interesting story and would allow her to keep being a spirit
8/18 c9 Badguy737
Hey i am related to robert e lee
8/8 c17 XP7102id
Screw the devil
5/15 c17 1littleboyblack17
1/13 c17 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Thanks for the chapter hope you update again
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