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12/10/2022 c1 Guest
I remember reading this. Your formatting needs work, but it's overall a great work.

Maybe after a decade or two from now when the original God of War trilogy is remade, the devs could use your ideas.
3/9/2022 c21 thisguy584
Honestly I feel like Dionysus was the smartest of the gods where instead of trying to prolong the prophecy of Olympus’s fall he was like
2/17/2022 c55 2merendinoemiliano
6/8/2021 c21 humancyrax
Awesome fight
6/8/2021 c15 humancyrax
It was weird that atlas wasn't brought with him oh well
6/8/2021 c14 humancyrax
Interesting battle
6/8/2021 c13 humancyrax
Hell of. Fight I hate Achilles wasn't in the series
6/8/2021 c12 humancyrax
Always love killing giant enemies
6/7/2021 c10 humancyrax
Love his arrogance
6/7/2021 c9 humancyrax
Good fight
6/7/2021 c8 humancyrax
No mention of her screwing a bull but the fight was ok
6/7/2021 c7 humancyrax
What an idiot dude kratos killed Poseidon and Hades he was arrogant to challenge kratos.
6/7/2021 c6 humancyrax
Awesome fight both should have made it into gow 3
6/7/2021 c5 humancyrax
God of war needed more Apollo
6/7/2021 c4 humancyrax
Good stuff
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