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3/17 c7 yodadabs

Such a good story short chapter but I like it!
8/29/2021 c7 Sean Malloy-1
All the bold text is not needed
6/10/2021 c7 9WelshDragon18
hey just take your time with writing
3/15/2021 c6 Guest
I like the story so far. You made an intricate set up to the main part of it.
3/13/2021 c5 Te Amohaere Peri
Bro this story is fucking trash you used chapter 5 for chapter one you dumbass motherfucker
1/12/2021 c8 Guest
Where are the New chapters
7/9/2020 c1 Guest
2/3/2020 c8 Guest
More please soon
12/25/2019 c8 Lycaon1096
chapter needs fixing
10/27/2019 c7 Guest
Please update
7/15/2019 c7 Guest
What happens! This is a nice fanficrisp. U are doing really well.
6/25/2019 c6 maxe03
What other family a did financially substring enough to protect themselves from the danger he brings why isn't his mother as it should be her side of the family unless some other immortal adopted him
6/25/2019 c5 maxe03
Why are chapter 5&1 the same?
Also guess this means Percy is leaving his mom again given he shouldn't need the fates to go back to sally
6/25/2019 c4 maxe03
So shouldn't Percy have partial immortality knows as one of the older demi gods and a camp councilor
6/25/2019 c3 maxe03
In surprised Paul was strong enough to pick them both up at once.
Really wanna know why Percy is needed at this meeting and why one of them couldn't just pick him up if they're worried about lateness.
She said no more disappearing like he did it by choice
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