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7/6/2019 c15 Guest
So Mario and kyrin got saved by the rest of the team, kyrin and lord arkness were reunited and everything is fine again. Sweet ending man. But if requests are cut off for season 5 can I make request’s for season 6 or any future season then? If so then since smash ultimate came out last year why not have a new story base off world of light? And maybe kyrin foresee some new members for the team to help drive back the new evil? Like sora from kingdom hearts, joker from presona 5, goku from dragon ball super cas lest’s face it he is NEVER getting in the game but in a fanfic like yours you can make happen. Or if you don’t want to then that’s fine. And last but definitely not the least is mega man. Cas one he can be dubbed “ The master of weapons” and 2 it would round off the top gaming icon of the 80’s 90’s and 2000’ one request about adding mega man is that we have mega man voltnut from mega man legends as the representative of the series instead of the original mega man for three reasons. 1 the legends series is seriously needing some love seins capcom probably doesn’t think that legends 3 needs to be made. 2 that mega man would be perfect for the title “master of weapons” cas in the game you swap out weapons constantly so he would be the perfect mega man as the main spot. And 3 seeing how he would react to the other teammates worlds would be awesome and funny to read. Wow this the LONGEST review I ever did but worth it. Anyway hope season 5 turns into a good one keep it up dude! You have awesome talent! P.s also on that mega man thing can you add the bonne in the story as mega mans rivals? They can use some love too. Anyway see you next time.
6/29/2019 c15 15CharlieCharly18
By luck everything ends fine, but sadly the next season will be the last. Because I was expecting more heroes like those:
The analizer master: R.O.B.
An apprentice swordman: Toon Link.
A gunner master: Samus Aran.
The hiker masters: Ice Climbers.
A distractor master: Olimar.
A pilot master: Fox McCloud.
A race master: Captain Falcon.
An strategic master: Marth.
A psychic master: Ness.
A master of disguise: Mr. Game and Watch.
A hacker master: Solid Snake.
A master in supplies: Villager (Animal Crossing).
A master in weapons: Megaman.
A boxing master: Little Mac.
An eating-ghost master: Pac-Man.
A skilled fighter master: Ryu.
An undead master: Bayonetta.
An exsoldier and avalanche: Cloud Strife.
The master of insanity: Crash Bandicoot.
The keyblade traveller: Sora.
By last, the 12 digidestined.
6/29/2019 c15 14FireFlamerx9z
This is going to be interesting.
6/29/2019 c15 Owyn Ross
Well, it took the others a while to get to Arkness, but once they mentioned Kyrin, Arkness rushed out and came and opened a portal for Mario and Kyrin to escape, and then send one of his Off Waves to make Tabuu let go of them.
Also, Arkness is happy to see his beloved son again.
That, and I think Ty's got some work to do on Kyrin's prosthetic arm. And I think Kyrin should lose the cloak and put on a stealth suit instead, as cloaks may be good for concealing his identity but also bad as someone like Fawful will slip another teleportation beacon on it.
And that explains why Tabuu's only at 80%, Marco stole 20% of Tabuu's full power 1000 years ago.
And to top it off, Ho-Oh is in trouble now Tabuu told J everything about it as a Legendary Pokemon.
End of Season 4, that means no requests for the duration of Season 5.
6/29/2019 c15 58Tiger Of Darkness
That's the season 4 finale for you. Sorry it was shorter than the others, but I couldn't think of any other ideas that wouldn't deviate from the main story and seem like it's there to make it seem longer. Anyway, as of now, requests are closed off for season 5 and won't reopen until after I've finished the season 5 finale. You see, I have something very special planned for the season 5 finale and it's potentially the most important story in my series. Can't go into more details, but I promise it will be big. And I hope you enjoyed this story too!
6/29/2019 c14 Owyn Ross
Well, it's risky, but looks like everyone else besides Pit and Link are going to meet Arkness. Plus, I think Arkness is gonna love the good news about Kyrin's survival 1000 years ago.
6/28/2019 c13 14FireFlamerx9z
And this is really bad.
6/28/2019 c13 Owyn Ross
And it seems that goes to show why Kyrin should get rid of his cloak and wear less draping clothes that don't involve capes, cloaks, or overly-lengthened robes or tailcoats.
6/28/2019 c12 FireFlamerx9z
I'll give Bowser props for making the team, but he stands no chance. None of the team does.
6/28/2019 c12 Owyn Ross
I wonder why you didn't post this up yesterday.
Anyway, I think Kyrin would tell Bowser the reason that Tabuu's been gunning for Mario in the last three seasons, before he gets involuntarily warped against his will.
6/27/2019 c11 Owyn Ross
Well, guess Bowser now knows of Kyrin now, party from some of Tabuu's memories went into his mind, and partly Medusa knew about Kyrin as well. Well, looks like Kyrin's going to be in for a rude surprise about this revelation.
6/26/2019 c10 Owyn Ross
Kyrin knows what he's doing, and thought of everything. However he is still blissfully unaware of the device tagged on his cloak by Fawful earlier.
6/26/2019 c9 Owyn Ross
Well, Bowser got his team ready in due time, and that can be just as bad as fighting Tabuu.
Once Bowser catches word of Kyrin's existence as well as his followers, he'll likely make demands for Mario and his team to come at them WITHOUT Kyrin helping them, whether from the shadows or in the field.
But little does Kyrin know that he still has the small pin that Fawful put on his cloak. After this, Kyrin's going to consider a serious change of attire to get rid of the cloak as it's becoming a liability to him.
6/25/2019 c8 FireFlamerx9z
This is getting good! Also nice to see some of the Paper Mario characters show up!
6/25/2019 c8 Owyn Ross
Well, at least we also know that like Tabuu, Kyrin is also only at 80% of his full power. Guess Bowser took advantage of Kyrin's meeting with Mario at Shooting Star Summit.
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