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for Every Time The Rain Comes Down

9/25 c19 Guest
I hope more chapters come soon.
7/13 c19 12EmpressLoveSiren23
so will you continue the story of the hyper force pretty please
8/24/2019 c18 Guest
Can you do the Steven universe episode where zim and elie move to beach city and meet Steven and the gems and every one is stupid to see through zims digsues.
8/23/2019 c18 Demon
I love the story and I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/21/2019 c18 Guest
So elie is really an irken and a gem a deadly combo and I would like to see elie fight the diamonds and take and the guy from foodcourney and rescue zim.
8/21/2019 c14 Guest
Ooooohhhhh that's bad the diamonds showing up and I can see white diamond being scary looking in zim universe you know looking like one of the Halloween monsters.
8/16/2019 c18 Gwen
That movie invader zim enter the florpus came out on Netflix today are you gonna publish that with Ellie in it
8/7/2019 c18 Guest
Can’t wait to see the next chapter
7/30/2019 c18 Emma
Can’t wait to see the next chapter
7/1/2019 c18 Guest
Can’t wait to see the next chapter and any believe Elle is an irken I like her alien form
6/29/2019 c18 Annika Kisha
I can't wait to read what happens next!
6/29/2019 c18 Gwen
Love it keep going this is getting good
6/28/2019 c16 Guest
r u updating teen titans silent scream soon?
6/27/2019 c14 2AnimeLuvr96
This chapter was soooo awesome! I can’t believe you wrote in a fusion, I hope they fuse again in a later chapter. I look forward to the next one.
6/23/2019 c12 Guest
I love this I hope you continue this please!

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