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11/1/2020 c27 Kameo1
This was one of the funniest fanfics I have ever read. Normally crack stories go too far away from the story or the characters but with botw and your concept it managed to work perfectly. Your writing was fun and was VERY good at letting me visualize what was happening (Everytime you mentioned his adoration of fire I laughed so hard) and you made all the characters your own while respecting them. Thank you for sharing your talents!
5/2/2020 c15 Anon Omega
Wolf Link is BotW Link's stand. Prove me wrong.
4/9/2020 c12 4Sage McGavin
Norton would like you to renew your Anti-Virus software
2/22/2020 c27 Spellflame
This is hilarious
10/23/2019 c26 lavenderwave0
Please create more madness. It’s hard enough to find a good LoZ fic, much less one so beautifully insane.
I want moooooooooooooore
10/23/2019 c26 Valonstar Aldrendaux
You should include the Tarrey Town sidequest. It’d be pretty ironic to have a pyromaniac assisting in the founding of a village
10/23/2019 c25 Valonstar Aldrendaux
This story is awesome! And, it’s fitting that the joke that started the long line of gaffs should finish the quest.
10/23/2019 c25 64Ri2
So, were there any problems bringing back the cats?
10/22/2019 c25 Argotora
This is honestly the best thing I have ever read. I enjoyed following every second of the ‘Hero of Crimes ‘journeyread: destructive warpath) and every update has provided me with enough fun, hilarity and arson to get me to the next. Thank you for the laughs and quite frankly I don’t care if introducing a small carnivore into Hyrule’s ecosystem is dangerous. Hyrule needs it’s cats back dammit!
10/22/2019 c25 9ChangelingRin
Aww, Link finally got to tell his joke! And found someone to talk with! All he needs now is to set something on fire and he'll be having the best day of his life.

Also, nice to see Twilight getting some screentime outside of Scruples.

Keep it up!
10/22/2019 c25 59Novirp13
This sounded like the end of the story. But I didn't see any complete tag there?
Anyway, this fanfic is such a blast and I'm still giggling at how ridiculously funny this idea was :'D
10/21/2019 c24 lavenderwave0
You can find the number of hits by dividing Ganon's HP (after he's hit by the divine beasts, so 4,000) by the amount of damage the Master Sword does (60). Soooooooooooooo *does math*...*gives up and googles it* basically 66.6666666667, but for our purposes we need to round up, so the number of hits with the Master Sword that it takes to kill Calamity Ganon is 67.
(also that was a good chapter)
10/14/2019 c24 1Viate
Rip scruffles
10/14/2019 c24 Valonstar Aldrendaux
You got that right! You tell it (since the Calamity is more of a beast), Link!
The ghosts are with you!
A great chapter, looking forward to the finale :D
10/14/2019 c24 9ChangelingRin
I’m glad that Link finally has something to take out his aggression and arson on. Poor boy needed an outlet.

Also, I appreciated the tootsie pop reference.

Keep it up!
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