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6/26/2019 c3 piddle
love what you did with fujino
6/28/2019 c4 13fg7dragon
Nice, very nice. Though I would love to see how some of the devils - the Satans and Pillar Heads - struggle to fill the power vacuum. It would be interesting, if only as an Omake.
6/28/2019 c4 3AbyssRhythme
An interesting chapter as always. Though i got to ask,your English comparing the story and your author note, there was a sudden drop in the quality. It is not that important just forget it.
To the idea by robocoaster, no hell no Touko already have a suitcase of demons she does not need anymore terrifying power (a little part of me would really like to see it though).
Wish you would show how powerful the mc is currently. Like is he high up or an average powerful. Hope to see a new chapter soon and i hope your not over doing it, good luck.
6/26/2019 c2 Guest
I actually think that the holy grail war should only occur in the nasuverse. It is really weird to be in the Dxd world as a lot of servants are opposite in gender to their historic Dxd counterparts.
6/27/2019 c4 superpierce
great chapter very original.
6/27/2019 c4 akasuna123
taking down zekram shouldn't be that easy,even without pod he can still use spells,physical strength
6/27/2019 c4 robocoaster
I've got this picture in my head now of Touko Aozaki with Power of Destruction...
6/25/2019 c1 Guest
Humanity gets the short end of the stick power wise too. Take the Hero Faction; the only one to really put up a fight were the main ones, and they either had Longinus or used the drug to boost their power. Even then only the one with the Lance had actually won.
6/26/2019 c3 AbyssRhythme
A brilliant new chapter, hope to see more. Great characterization and an interesting read. Love the part where the rapist was bend and tortured for a full 10 minutes. I seen few faults to point out and the few I see are minor. Though I have one suggestion, do not make every single person the mc save or take as his team mate to be all female, that is both so cliche and overdone. You can still give him a harem on the side but please add some testosterone to a harem story. There are so many good male character, remember people also one to see friendship and bromance, not just the mc getting his 'rock off'. He can learn many thing from other male from other franchise, so expand the growth of the mc. Love your stories to bits, hope to see you more.
6/26/2019 c3 superpierce
great chapter very well balanced.
6/26/2019 c3 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff looking forward to more
6/24/2019 c1 Matt
I like it but why don't you make it?
6/24/2019 c1 Guest
I like the idea . Do it
6/24/2019 c1 Guest
6/26/2019 c2 AbyssRhythme
So many thought yet so few a word to express them. It is so hard to properly express one's thought through this restrictive ways.
Firstly, this is an amazing and great fan fiction. Though I possess a love for SI especially the male one's, I do so rarely see one with such a potential for greatness as this one possess. Not only is it a fresh and unique in it approach as most SI either attempt to express their view sometimes forcefully upon the world they enter or they take the place of a already existing character, there by sealing them in a role that can not allow them to fairly express themselves. Your way not only gave the SI a individuality from the script of the story but with his relation allow a tie that grant him the right to meddle with out other problem other SI find themselves in.
Secondly, I hope to see more, read more of your graduation. Of course I would like the story to at least possess a longer form. And can you post the power scale of this world, eg. Campione compare to Servants or even god's of DXD, and where your mc stands. Just don't make him OP. Possessing the kaleidoscope (if) that should place him on the high of the DXD list.
Hope you update the lovely story soon and best of luck.
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