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for Guy's Night

5/11 c1 10waterfire98
You forgot to roll credits. But seriously can we have a wacky sequel with Pyrrha and Nora?
10/3/2019 c1 2adbelvd
Great history, hope we can see more stories like this.
6/27/2019 c1 86Konstantinsen
Nicely done. Can't get the theme out of my head now.
6/25/2019 c1 Engineer1869
This was very entertaining.
6/25/2019 c1 1Oblivions Boatman
Dude imagine the girls reaction if the learned the truth. Nora, Ruby, and Yang would lose it in envy.
6/24/2019 c1 3SkeletalPheonix
6/24/2019 c1 Guest
LOL XD this was funny XD Loved it and YEEEESSS! GODFIST STYLE! WOOOO!
6/24/2019 c1 toniyepes
Super genial

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