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8/3 c3 143YenGirl
Again, I'm glad you pushed through and gave us a resolution to this story :)

To be honest, your first chapter is still my favourite of the 3! Hak and Yona worried about Soo-Won and rushing to see him in that tent and who cared if Kye-Sook was there? Not them LOL So yes, I enjoyed that :)

Yona is still Yona even after everything. Hak, the meanie, enjoys seeing her attempt at stealth too much - was she really balanced on one foot that long? I wouldn't be able to manage for more than a few seconds LOL

I was a bit confused about what you meant when you said Yona took the lead at the end of that scene... I'll assume she snogged the living daylights out of Hak *grins*

Yona is much braver than she gives herself credit for. It's OK, honey, I find myself starting sentences with 'And' too... but in writing, not verbal :)

Argh! I can't believe Hak got Soo-Won's first kiss just like that! Hak was being mean, saying he'd support Yona in all her decisions and then clamming up when they're all together so it should've been Yona getting Soo-Won's first kiss! *clutches her hair*

Still, that was a cute dialog if only for the 3 of them acting like kids again - Yona kicking Hak under the table, Soo-Won resting his head on their shoulders one at a time... I noted you skirted around the romantic bits apart from the kisses so I guess they'll be a secret threesome while they go around kicking corruption and helping people?

Sure hope Yona practices birth control - a baby might complicate things a bit *laughs*

By the way, I found a typo here - 'even though Yona still hadn't figured out how she should be around loved him' - there's a missing word somewhere here?

Seriously though I'm glad you got the story this far. If it really is complete, you might want to mark it as so :)
8/3 c3 22Aceidia
I don't know this fandom, but I am glad you finally got this posted! YAY!
6/21 c2 143YenGirl
It really has been nearly a year, hasn't it? I salute your dedication to this story. There aren't enough Sooyonak stories around :) especially those written with such heart.

Poor Soo-Won, he's been having that burden for so long! I love Kye-Sook (or at least my version of him) but I feel the canon one still has surprises to spring, unpleasant ones. And I get why Soo-Won can't just kick him out but it's worrying.

And thanks for even just a tiny mention of Min-Soo who's such a sweetie in canon.

Your Zeno is very precious and as usual, he is right - Mr King Guy really does need to talk to the Miss and the Mister. And all 4 Dragons and the lad too. Get everything out into the open because gosh, how long can we let Hak brood like that? And Yona? And Soo-Won?

Ah. Oh dear. So Il did kill Yu-Hon even if accidentally. Which may or may not justify Soo-Won killing him in revenge. But for the sake of Kouka, perhaps that can be forgiven? After all, Kouka was festering with so many problems and he (with Yona and co working on the side) has improved it by leaps and bounds right?

Poor Soo-Won, it's ingrained in him that he deserves to die, but luckily Hak and Yona don't think so. I loved all the touches they did after the confession, most especially Hak towards Soo-Won - wiping that tear from his cheek, dropping his head to his, cuffing his head... gah, they still love each other and I want them to just... get over the past already!

I'm sure Yoon and the Dragons will be more kindly disposed to Soo-Won now that they know the truth... but they will still go with whatever Hak and Yona decide.

It feels like there will be a time skip in the next chapter and if there is, I hope the time that's passed will make things better for all. And then the much anticipated threesome can finally happen!

Finally, I'm sending you lots of good luck vibes so you can get that last chapter updated sometime this year :) Take care.
6/25/2019 c1 22fanofthisfiction
Making amends to this complicated relationship made for a nice story. It's by no means easy to ever get to this point after all that's happened but to show how strong their childhood bond was to be able to come to the point to consider forgiveness was a great idea to expand on. Thanks for sharing!
6/24/2019 c1 143YenGirl
OMG OMG OMG! *hugs story tightly and cries all over it like a newly reformed Tae-Jun*

I LOVE IT! More, please, more! A second chapter! And a third! Or a new story! Anything!

*long sigh*

I just realised that I've been so immersed with my story and pulling my hair out and wondering if it's even readable and you come along and says it's fine and then you drop this on my lap after saying you can't write romance! Oh! I'm a happy melted bundle of Sooyonak love right now! *gurgles*

*takes a deep breath* OK. Let's start with the setting.

I LOVE IT! The battle against Kai is one of the most perfect places to start a Sooyonak because all 3 have had fabulous character development (Yona most of all) and there's friends all around for support or for teasing. Oh, I like the details you added that made me feel like I was there (except luckily I didn't have to smell all that blood and sweat *wrinkles nose*). The torchlight... the camps... Kye-Sook... *giggles*

Way to go, Hak *grins* Way to go. Can't believe you just picked her up in a fireman's lift instead of the traditional bridal style, but I love the impulse! In fact, I love everything about your Hak. He's honest. Wait - I need to read the story again... *is back* Yes, he's honest and he's selfless. Another Hak would've reveled in Yona's confession and thumbing his nose at Soo-Won but not your Hak. And I love him for it. Oh, I like the details you added about him remembering other parts of Soo-Won instead of just that night. I mean, their friendship lasted for years! You can't just discard all that, right?

And Yona! Love how you pointed out her eyes - she's no damsel in distress and I love love her honesty just as much. Nothing wrong with loving 2 guys, gal, especially when you're lucky to get 2 wonderful ones. Trade? *blinks*

The setting here is just perfect for honest admissions. The fact that they're safe now, that Yoon and the Dragons aren't around getting underfoot (as much as I love them), they're tired and somewhat injured so their defenses are down and Soo-Won isn't unscathed and he showed that he cared... perfect time for a confession. Hak's directness is just... *melts again* Where can I find a guy like him?

And of course Soo-Won is lovely! Each time he shows up in the manga, he just stares at Hak and Yona and can't hurt them anymore, he stops others from hurting them, and it's obvious he still cares for them. And you showed that beautifully! Holding their hands like he'd never let them go, telling them to take care and oh! Love, love, love that part where he asked Hak who would take care of him. Because he's the amazing thunderbeast, strength and skills bar none... yet he's still human.

*deep breath and lets it out in a long and happy sigh*

Love some angst and hurt and comfort with my romance. You added all in and you ended it with such PROMISE! It practically screams a chapter 2 or a sequel! I wanna see them rushing back to Soo-Won's tent (ignoring/pushing Kye-Sook to one side) and grabbing Soo-Won's hands and telling him they can't let him go and they have to just stay together from now on.

You will write something more, won't you? Or another Sooyonak. I don't mind. I don't mind that at all *grins*

Oh and thanks for the shoutout *blushes*

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