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for Alola League Victors

2/11 c4 Dragon
When is the author continuing? It’s very interesting to know what’s next, if honestly, the Alola League is still crap, like the Unova League too.
Ash's fight with Professor Kekem and Guzma are the only bli that are more or less logged in, that's all.
I hope the sequel comes out as soon as possible!
10/26/2021 c4 2SammyBee57
I beg you to follow up soon I love the story
8/30/2021 c4 ShashaR
Is this Abandoned ?
3/20/2021 c4 Black Knight Lucario
Lol Your stories are sooo hilarious and awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/14/2020 c4 Gerni
The finals was actually really good and ASH WON A LEAGUE yesssss he fixed what should have happened in xyz (I will always be mad that he lost the finals in kalso the only I can think of for the reason he lost is recoil as Allen's charizard health went down) ya crap
8/19/2019 c4 Guest
Daily reminder that Ash in SM is more of a character than XY Ash, who was as bland as copying paper.
8/18/2019 c4 Guest
I don't really track battles, but I wholeheartedly agree with your verdict about the Alola league.

Early on in the SM anime, I knew that it was going to stink. The journey was taken away and replaced with school, the Trial Captains were made Ash's classmates, and Lillie didn't even have Nebby. I gave the first few episodes a chance, but I ended up leaving when Ash got his Rockruff. Even though I never watched an episode afterwards, I attempted to follow the plot through synopses.

The league is just... a mess. No prerequisites for gaining entry to the competition, which I'm willing to forgive because it's the first ever league in the region, but everyone else only has one or two Pokemon to compete with, and everything you've already outlined about how badly written the battles are.

Looking forward to how you changed the league.
8/19/2019 c4 gularadato
I am loving this fanfic
8/18/2019 c4 XenoSmutFlare
Personally ive found the league to be absolute bs imo, in the anime. I totally agree with you on every point. That said is Ash gonna be bringing out the big guns like Charizard?
8/18/2019 c4 Krusader Kris
God I hope Junichi gets his shit together or someone else who is better at writing battles takes over for the rest of the league seeing as his track record doesn't inspire confidence and only makes me worried. The league has been pretty bad already so I doubt whatever they do now can save it from ranking low on my personal list when it comes to leagues. Also it looks like I was right about the hakamo-o thing (nothing to be proud about honestly seeing as in hindsight it was obvious). I like how meme-y this chapter was with the Pokemon reacting in their pokeballs and the classmates reacting to Ash throwing shade. Hell I'm throwing lots of shade too, looking at you Mallow, how dare you try to give up in the league people would get on their knees and beg for the chance to even participate, all things considered though this league is pretty low tier baby level stuff. Its almost like Guzma was right about it all along... but that can't be right, hes supposed to be the scummy foul playing bad guy! I'm also glad to see you understand the whole Rowlet situation and aren't justifying it with some stupid logic, that battle was purely written that way for a cheap fake out (not a pun this time) and another unfunny Rowlet sleeping gag (though I suppose comedy is subjective) that has no place in the league. Thats enough of me pseudo ranting and rambling though, I'm excited for the next chapter to see what Ash was getting up to in more detail and some reconciliation with his friends for being just a little too harsh on them (though I completely understand considering literally the entirety of the series and all the things Ash has been through), maybe he can also help them, I don't know... git gud while hes at it. Thats quite enough seeing as the review has gotten too long, keep on writing the good stuff and live strong buddy!
8/18/2019 c4 8Fanfictionranger
This rocks! Love this fanfic can't wait for more!
But please tell me it isn't an Amourshipping fanfic...please ;-; please don't it be...
8/6/2019 c3 13creativesm75
7/29/2019 c3 Guest
Next plzz
7/24/2019 c3 11Toa Solaric
I wonder if there will be any challangers that will be worth challenging beside Gladion, Guzma, Hau, and Plumeria?
7/21/2019 c3 Guest
Please update
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