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3/29 c10 JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett
sad to see this story end but very much looking forward to part 2
3/29 c10 life's a mystery
wow great story and what a cliffhanger...
3/28 c10 dopeysac
Wow! Great story! I can't wait to start Present Tense!
3/28 c10 Guest
wow! what an ending!
3/28 c10 Castle1064
That was a great story! Looking forward to the sequel.
Thank you for keeping Caskett alive.
3/28 c10 sasans
Very good ending for this part of the story. I am not surprised it would get complicated since the reason Kate became a detective was to solve her mother's case. At least she and Rick are together so I hope that doesn't change. Another factor could be his career since his writer's slump ended when he started following Kate. I will have to wait and find out what you have planned.
3/28 c10 cabreradepartamento
Well let's see what changes they would have had, I suppose that with her mother close by, the detective did not do her own thing, maybe her mother has brought them together after the birth of Alexis and maybe set a trap for the hitman, surely the friends of his client could convince him to be cooperative, which would surely make the police gang and their extortionist an objective of the commission, something not very good for their health or a way to pay some masses for the captain, but to be chisellers, the captain and his friends sought it out.
3/28 c10 SuzyJane82
OMG I love this so much. I’m so excited for part 2! Thank you!
3/11 c9 jneha2375
This was such a great story. The Castle writers should have come up with this. You should have continued or sent ideas to Marlowe.
3/8 c9 jennkyle
Great chapter great job once again
3/7 c9 KC-BamaGirl
Love this story. This chapter was a twist I wasn't expecting but it was great. Thanks for not giving up on this story. It is a unique idea and I'm glad you've told it. Can't wait for the next chapter and the sequel.
3/6 c9 dopeysac
Great update! Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/6 c9 Devaduck
So glad you didn’t scrap the story it’s great. Thanks for writing. Looking forward to the next chapter:)
3/5 c9 FlavorCountry
Tweaking successful.

That was juicy. Worthy of a season ending cliffhanger, or sweeps week.

Keep up the great work, please.
3/4 c9 ldrmd6
I was delighted to see this chapter appear! So glad you chose to post it, because believe me, I love the setting of this story. My husband and I were married in 1977, so your narrative brings back lots of memories from that time, and it's amazing how much things have changed since then. Please stick with it, and with Caskett. With thanks
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