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3/3 c9 GrandPaRick
I actually gave up on ever reading another word of this story. I stumbled across it again just now, and am really, really happy to see it.
3/3 c9 SuzyJane82
I think you did a really great job with this chapter. Thank you for continuing the story.
Welcome back.
3/3 c9 rina123nike
great update -thank you
3/2 c9 Guest
Wow I love this story and thought you ha d given up on it . So glad you haven’t. Can’t wait for the next installment.
3/2 c9 sasans
Interesting chapter. So much of Rick and Kate's story is based on her being a detective trying to solve her mother's death. If by telling her parents what happened how does that does that change her story with Rick? Maybe I am getting in too deep but of her mother doesn't die I would think that changes everything. I will hope you have a solution for that so they continue to be together.
3/2 c9 9theputz913
So glad you updated this. Curious to see how their revelation to her parents about the truth moves the story forward.
3/2 c9 38evitascarlett
So glad to see another chapter of this story; looking forward to the next update and the sequel!
3/2 c9 craspon
Wow. I'm trying to imagine how I'd react if I were presented with what Jim and Johanna were.
3/2 c9 1Kusj1125
Omg omg I have been waiting for you continue this story thank you Soo much for continuing this story and I'm even more excited for a sequel.
3/2 c9 Guest
This has been a great story. Can't wait to to see where you take it.
3/2 c9 Jbug47
I love this story! Rick always believed in time travel! Now, Kate goes too!
3/2 c8 Jbug47
Very hard I would think if Johanna is as stubborn as Kate!
3/2 c9 Castle4Eva
Thank you for keeping this story going. This was a great chapter. I'm so curious about how it ends!
3/2 c7 Jbug47
They are very good at making use of what they have!
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