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10/3 c1 Guest
is this discontinued ? I LOVED the story so much and your writing style is incredible!
8/17 c12 58TiredOfBeingNice
w o w me? sympathizing even mORE for jesse? i could never :'))

but like the stuff with him trying to control his blood lust and like working hard to perfect all his vampire skills, only for him to go all out on bill to protect ethan? an losing ethan technically that night because ethan wont remember jesse anymore? is a BIG SAD, fanfic buddy! ur givin me the BIG SAD :((

im so excited to see what the next chapter is! rebecca and jesse has to get away with murder and judging by ur author's note, i bet nothing bad is gonna happen to rebecca at alllll :pp

wonderful chapter as always fanfic buddy! :D
8/15 c12 Filipinagirl04
1) Yay, I was right!
2) When you said, “we’ll learn just how it is Jesse and Rebecca managed to get away with murder,” I immediately imagined Ethan, Sarah, Benny, and Rory to be in a big classroom as “students” and Jesse and Rebecca being the “professors” telling or rather teaching them how they got away with murder.

Can’t wait for the next chapter!
8/15 c12 25Stretch Snodgrass
Jesse quickly discovers additional drawbacks, like being unable to be around Ethan. Even with the “vampire lessons”. I’m interested to see how Jesse and Rebecca erase Jesse’s existence from all adult memories (by glamouring) and place Ethan with the Morgans. And what’s happened to Rebecca?

According to Jesse, he murdered Bill but he didn’t turn evil yet. He intended it to be a one-time thing. It’ll be great to see what happens next.

Good riddance to Bill. “Piece of scum” is right. It’s not just the beating over breaking his bottle of liquor. Whopping Ethan on the head, and shaking a three year old kid. He could have killed Ethan or caused serious brain damage.

Great writing, great action, great chapter.
8/15 c11 78charmedfan120
Sorry, it has taken me so long to read this. It was a brilliant read the Jesse and Ethan aren't the luckiest of brothers bless them. I really liked how he became a vampire. Apart of me wonders if he would ever consider turning Ethan.
7/20 c11 58TiredOfBeingNice
first of all? ethan and jesse in that abusive home? makes me so sad? :(((

also second of all! i really love how you wrote jesse's decision to become a vampire! like it makes a lot of sense, wanting to become stronger to fight back from the hurt that has been inflicted on him all those times, to protect ethan as much as he can (even more than he did before, by taking all of his beatings which ! :((((( ) etc etc. like its a really good motivation and it makes me sympathize with jesse! hopefully the rest of team v learn to trust him in the same way :')

i also love how willing ethan is to help jesse change! like he is on his friends' side but also wants to help jesse, which is a very ethan thing to do. what a pure soul :')

i'm excited for the next chapter, fanfic buddy! :D
7/15 c11 Guadalupe V27
Wow. Me gusta mucho tu historia.
La relación de hermanos entre Ethan y Jesse me encanta.
Ya quiero leer tu próximo capítulo
7/9 c11 6achromatix
Shjsxjdossmdhsjzjdheidhebsndijedbdjwowowhsbzjkejeidhwb hi i dont have actual words for the emotions i have for this chapter but juss know i loved it (also yes the system i and so many people are in it for the money you get from it, that is one thing i dont miss from foster care)
7/7 c11 25Stretch Snodgrass
CAS didn’t do a good job investigating Marlow . But then again, if the creep had put in half the effort at actually being a good parent instead of just a fraud pretending to be a parent.

I see Rebecca likes to play with her food. Rebecca’s chase of hapless Jesse, his thoughts, all realistic and suspenseful. And Rebecca’s change of heart, so to speak.

And you brilliantly show the Jesse decision to become a vampire. It occurred to me that as smart as Jesse is, he’s not only very dangerous - it was a massive waste for him to have to lose his human life. Wonder how he goes from being a vampire to protect Ethan to just being a plain evil vampire.

This chapter really shows how Jesse’s old affection for his little brother remained intact - even after he being evil and self-centred in every other way.

Great action, drams and writing! Well worth the three month wait!
7/6 c11 Filipinagirl04
1) I could see why the others are hesitant to forgive him.
2) It would have been fitting if the first person Jesse killed would be the abusive foster parent.
3) I don’t get Jesse’s plan. Doesn’t he know that if he hurts Sarah, Benny, Roy, or even Erica, Ethan will never forgive him?
4) Speaking of which, what the hell happened to Erica?
5) Are we going to see Rebecca anytime soon?
4/17 c10 78charmedfan120
This chapter was brilliant yet heartbreaking. I haven't cried reading a chapter in ages. It takes a lot for me to cry, even if a fave character of mine is killed off it doesn't make sob.

Amanda had such a poor life first falling for a monster who abused her and Jesse treating them like dirt. Then getting a terminal illness when her life is probably at it's highest point. Jesse and Ethan were clearly her greatest treasures and gifts to make up for all the darkness in her life.
3/31 c10 LynxCubPup
Omggg, I didn't believe that I'll cry soooo much while reading this. Rlly this chapter (more likely this story, well at least until now) is one of the most sensitive and emotional that I ever seen.

And I love this story annndd I can't wait to see the new chapter. :))
3/31 c10 25Stretch Snodgrass
Very emotional, sentimental scene with their mothers’ death.

Loyal son and brother to bloodsucking murderer. Although he’s still loyal to his brother in the story. Watching his mother dying of cancer when he was a teen - helps to understand why Jesse wanted to become a vampire. He seemed to be mentally shattered at the funeral.
3/30 c10 58TiredOfBeingNice
"her body wasn't strong enough to make her feel better" :((( oof, its sad bean hours :((

jesse was so strong for his mother and ethan, its drivin me crazyyyyy. such a happy family they were, with lil moments of heartbreak but big moments of laughter and joy! it made the sad part...well, even sadder :/

im really excited to see the rest of jesse and ethan's story unfold! hope it doesn't make me sob anymore than this chapter has :'((
3/30 c10 6achromatix
i related to so much in this chapter that it hurts..

I related to Jesse and that want to help a financially struggling parent at such a young age, and wanting to be there for a younger sibling (which i didnt get as i was the youngest and last child my parents ever had).

I related to Ethan more or less in wants of mine...i always wanted an older sibling that was there for me ans could take care of me and loved me instead of just always hurting me...

I related to Amanda even...just the constant struggle of hiding things from the ones you love because you dont want them to hurt because of everything.

This chapter was so emotional for me to go through and i cried more than once.. thank you :)
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