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5/9 c15 25Stretch Snodgrass
Well, Jesse may be Ethan’s brother, and he may have had a tough childhood, but he’s still “major jerkwad”. He won’t take no for an answer.

Great triple tag-team battle! Jesse chose his minions well, he just didn’t expect Erica to fly in. But the battles were both funny and intense, including Benny’s and Rory’s more humourous fights. Sarah spent a little too much time talking to Erica, I think, so it’ll be a close call to see if she’ll be in time.

I wonder if the full extent of Ethan’s seer powers (from the series, that he used against Stern) will manifest by story’s end? Maybe that’ll be his trump card, if he can use it against Jesse.
5/8 c15 Guadalupe V27
Ok, fine. I'm , literally screaming right now.
I supposed that Jesse wanted something by the style, but read it is Awesome.
I can't wait, really, I want to now what will happen with Ethan.

Great job, undoubtedly your history is catching to me
5/7 c15 58TiredOfBeingNice
what an action packed chapter! *pops some more popcorn in my mouth* i feel like i'm at the movies or something!

ayyy! erica ! flirting with the enemy is a big mood! but i'm glad she's back! and all the members of team v are back and kicking ass ! i love that!

i kinda sympathize with jesse, but i really do hope he doesn't turn ethan – i guess i'm just gonna have to wait at the edge of my seat to find out! :'))
5/6 c15 Tadachi mukusoki
This story is very good, it is my favorite, my babysitter is a vampire, no matter what I wait for the chapters
2/20 c14 25Stretch Snodgrass
Great job tying up loose ends in Jesse’s flashback. He impersonated Horace Black so he could lead all the evil vampires. Makes perfect sense!

In story (at least), all of Jesse’s present-day flock had recently been normal teenagers. Whom he had all twisted and turned into evil vampires. All destroyed at the Westdale Theatre. I can see why Sarah’s outraged (and the fact Jesse was, in part, using her from the start!)

I dunno about Benny not being in the rebellious stage. He’s right to be grateful he hadn’t hit high school when Jesse was doing his recruiting - and he’d be too smart to be pulled in by an offer of vampire superpowers.

And now Jesse reveals his goal is to turn his brother into a vampire! And how will Ethan react? Well, I guess the next chapter will "tell all!"

Awesome chapter!
2/19 c14 58TiredOfBeingNice
o , is ethan going to turn into a vampire? jesse? come onnn! ihonestly i think the conflicting character of jesse and his motives/beliefs is super super interesting, i can empathize with him a bit but at the same time,,, yikes :'))

i wonder what team v is gonna do about jesse potentially turning ethan? they seem to not really love him as much as maybe ethan is kinda edging between, but god i hope he's going to be okay :'))

fantastic chapter as always fanfic buddy! im excited for whats to come!
2/19 c14 74charmedfan120
Brilliant chapter, I always wondered what would have happened to Ethan if he had become a vampire.

How he would have handled all the powers and hunger.

I don't think Ethan likes the idea of eternal brotherhood. Not sure if Jesse thinks Ethan gets a say in the matter.
2/18 c14 Guadalupe V27
Okay...at this moment I find myself full of emotions.
First of all, thank you for your greeting and your answers. Since I had a slight hope that Ethan would be left as a half vampire (because of his seer blood) or be kidnapped by Jesse to protect him, but with that intense ending Jesse's intentions to his younger brother are clear (a girl can dream hahaha).
Super chapter I look forward to the next update.
Best regards and stay safe with this pandemic.
Pd. an apology for my english hahaha

Translated with Translator (free version)
2/18 c13 charmedfan120
Poor Rebecca but who knows, maybe she was reunited with her lover
2/18 c14 Tadachi mukusoki
I love this story, it is very good and exciting

Pd: sorry if you do not understand what I wrote is that I am Spanish speak and my English has passed
2/18 c14 Filipinagirl04
I knew it! I knew that Jesse will want to turn Ethan into a vampire. I know how Benny and Sarah are going to react, but Rory is the wildcard. Bc I can picture Rory being okay with Ethan being a vampire or human. And speaking of Erica, I would LOVE to see her reaction when she realizes that Jesse was just using her. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
11/15/2020 c13 58TiredOfBeingNice
jesse's descent to evil makes so much sense, but it also makes it so sad :(( he forgot about the promises he made with lil ethan and that darkness consumed him because ethan was jesse's tether to goodness– oof fanfic buddy, you're dipping into some tragic things here huh :'(

i am so excited to see what ethan does with all this information, and i really hope he gets jesse back to the good side of things! and team v grows a lil bit bigger because of it :))
11/15/2020 c13 25Stretch Snodgrass
Great chapter! Jesse slowly turned evil, and turned on his mentor, stealing her powers, her money, everything and, in return, literally breaking (aka staking) her heart.

Being a vampire just “naturally” made Jesse evil in time! Makes perfect sense, actually. And he was furious at how Rebecca was too soft, and didn’t want the vampires to rules the town! Though, in part, she knew that would lead to potential disaster.

Burning down the house to cover up the crime! Classic move! Also ironic given that was how Horace Black’s “flock” met their end originally.

Great explanation as to how Jesse was entirely forgotten - with the potion and the blue smoke travelling to its targets! I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but I found Jesse’s sneering explanation of magic, potions, and his swipe at “Benny-Boy” getting in his own way of being a great spellcaster despite having with “magical energy” to be funny! Jesse, in fact, boasting that he was better at magic than Benny in spite of having no “natural” talent.
11/15/2020 c12 74charmedfan120
Fantastic chapter
11/14/2020 c13 Guadalupe V27
Tuve la pequeña chispa de esperanza de que Rebecca estuviese con vida, pero no fue el caso pobrecita.
Por otro lado, ver ambas personalidades de Jesse emerger es súper interesante.
Acaso tienes planeado algo con el tipo de sangre de Ethan?, Que espera Jesse dejar a Ethan o llevarlo con sigo?
Gran capitulo, ya estoy esperando el próximo
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