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10/9/2003 c1 6Ami KittyCat Mizuno
A very good story! No more homophobs (sp)! I'm from Canada (eh?) and I cannot believe the stupid discriminating remarks made by people at my school! Love is Love! I'm not gay but I support gays and gay civil marriages! Even support gay chruch marriages if the minster or who ever agrees! Everyone needs to live without fear! And i love the invidents in this story. It's long without being boring! Go Aquamoon!
5/6/2003 c1 Pyra
That's one a my favorite 80s songs! ^_^ They had good music then! And I agree, there's nothing wrong with lesbians. (I'm American too) Me an' my best friend are pro-homosexuality, because we don't understand why people get so grossed out. Most Americans are stupid. -_-;

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