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4/23 c19 Diobrando44
Sounds Cool
4/19 c18 smolhauz
Good luck to you dude. I can't wait to read more.
4/16 c17 smolhauz
This is unironically an amazing story. Angst aside the characyers were enjoyable. I hope you finish it.
4/16 c6 smolhauz
Not a bad story.
9/3/2020 c17 jaychristiansmith23
I loved this part
7/13/2020 c17 12CSIalchemist
I really hope you finish this. I'd stumbled upon this story last week and it's got me hooked. I love how most of the characters warm up to James (he didn't spend much time with Jessica, I've noticed).
I especially love the romantic tension between James and Sam. My only hope is that the authorities don't find out he's in Canada illegally and take him away. I also don't want him to leave Sam to fight the other wendigos. I don't think he could stand the thought of leaving her alone on the farm.

Please finish this!
6/30/2020 c17 Lord Goober
Dude, tell me you are still writing this. It's well done in my opinion. Well written and has a decent pace to it. Also, it isn't just angst this and trauma that. I also love that you made Ashley a witch in training. I also like the realistic nature of the relationship between James and Sam. Seriously, most writers would have had them fucking each other within a few chapters or at the very least kissing and touching excessively and having "cute" moments in front of an audience all the time. That stuff annoys me, which is why your portrayal is greatly appreciated. I'd have to say your pacing is the key to how this works and the fact that you didn't give a short chapter explanation of James and jump cut to him just being at the lodge is excellent. Honestly, a lot of the time when a fanfic writer wants to make up a story that is as accurate as possible to the original source's events they tend to rush through things, and sometimes the OC just changes everything completely. The way this didn't end up being a one sided fight was the wolfsbane and I love that he's human for the second run through the sanitarium. I honestly thought you'd have let him transform to deal with Wendigo's that had some how escaped while Mike makes a run for it. Instead, you let mike have a buddy cop thing go on with him and James which shows them becoming closer and actually developing a friendship forged through the trials of an impossible to survive situation and battle. My warrior heart swells when I see/experience things like that. The Stranger, or Jack, surviving was a surprise. But at the same time, with a werewolf who was still in human form absolutely wouldn't have allowed it to kill him. Which brings me to my last thing. You've showcased the capabilities of the others by letting them handle most of what they did in game on their own regardless of having a werewolf ally. Chris fighting off the Wendigo and shooting the tank with James even having the thought of helping Chris was thrown aside when the realization hit him that Chris could take care of himself. Same thing with Mike teaching James how to use a double barrel shotgun and giving him tips. A lot of writers just have their OC's take on the challenges the originals are supposed to go through for character growth or you know to lead to their death and save their asses. Making the OC's look like they are gods among them. Your methods make all characters worth their time in the limelight and proves that this group of friends are bound to each other and their bond grows stronger when they team up to take on dangers such as the Wendigo. I mean hell, when James transformed in front of them Josh was the first to act and had his moment as well saving everyone from the beast. Which brings me to Sam. If your ending the story soon are you going to do a sequel or something? Because I'd have assumed you'd make it turn out that Sam is a supernatural as well. Kinda a like a druid, but more just that she has some weird psychic link with animals or something, like an animal empath. If she delves into that side of herself and practices she may even be able to telepathically communicate with animals and stuff but I dunno. Anyway, nice work, can't wait for the rest.
6/3/2020 c17 3BrookeWorm3
Excited to see the next update
6/3/2020 c17 Nocturnal Ace
That was the best chapter by far (totally not biased 'cause of the fights XD) and I look forward to seeing how you wrap this up
6/3/2020 c17 TRoger7
It was good, glad to have finally gotten the big moment. I can't wait to see what you do with Hill though.
6/3/2020 c17 dracmills
Dude that fight was awesome and I am really glad with how it went down I honestly didn’t expect any of this. I can honestly say I am so happy that you continued to update this you made my day man. As always lol I can’t wait to see the next chapter.
6/3/2020 c17 zenqqy115
God what an epic showdown and final fight! I'm so ready for more chapters!
5/21/2020 c16 BrookeWorm3
Hahaha my bet is James to kick some wendigo ass. I hope he lives so he and Sam can be together. Endgame-James/werewolf and Sam. I’m excited to see the next update!
5/20/2020 c16 dracmills
I really like how you explain how James was included in the story and what also was awesome was the fact that James finally accepted somewhat what he is and I definitely can’t wait to see the fight finally between werewolf and wendigo.
5/18/2020 c16 Caliberious
Great chapter , loved the legend part too. Excited for W vs W
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