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9/24 c8 Wildcatatheart
can't wait to see how you get over you block...good luck. and keep it up.
9/21 c8 3Olivia Williams
Update soon please
9/19 c8 chbitt
O bloqueio faz parte da vida, você está indo bem e não abandonou o trabalho. Faça o que se sentir bem com você, foque no que estiver fluindo e passe a diante quando sentir que algo se encaixa no passado aí você joga um flash back e estaremos juntos e felizes ️
9/18 c8 szabo.alexandra1991
I would have loved to read a few of those in detail (Quirelmort and Wormtail first meeting, Sirius explains Remus he is innocent that's all the past stuff is just learning) but I understand that's not an option the present stuff will be awesome. thanks for the update. virtual hug.
9/18 c8 Branchkk
I always love when the actual founders are brought in the stories. There is little stories with the mix of past and present parties are put in. I love the direction the story is going in and looking forward for the next installment.
9/18 c2 Guest
You need to check and correct your spelling of "Hermione"
9/18 c8 LtsHrIt4ThBoyz
No mention of what Sev is up to while H & H are obviously busy being students. Is he allowing himself to *live* now that he doesn't have wear his 'masks' for the 'cause' (I hate Bumblesmore -canon, fanon doesn't matter- as it's my contention that how Sev behaved in canon was not only *sanctioned*, but *ordered*!)?

I like what you've done to help yourself get through your 'muse-lessness' ;D!
Take care and see you soon!
MelJ :D
8/27 c7 Guest
More please
5/14 c7 Jay
Well that just pulled me in real fast.. I'm excited to see where you take our dear friends whilst studying under a certain founder!
5/10 c7 alexaguamenti
Happy graduation and thank you for the wonderful chapter!
5/8 c6 nickie.hopkins
Very interesting. Hope you continue
5/7 c6 1Lover of Emotions
that is really good. update soon please.
4/26 c1 Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please.
4/25 c6 alexaguamenti
This is so good so far! I can’t wait to read more! Thank you for updating.
4/25 c6 PiffyEQ
I wonder if Salazar would know how to remove the Dark Mark since Voldie is his descendent and they both speak Parseltongue.
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