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for One Piece: Lightning Dragon

7/15/2020 c12 1Pitva
I'm really enjoying the story, looking forward for more (I'm especially interested in the reaction of the ASL trio if they ever get the news that one of their relatives is a marine)
7/15/2020 c12 4Fritosaurio
wow, two chapters? Last time i checked today is not my birthday.
it brought a smile to my face when i saw both notification.
Thank you for the chapter really, i am enyoing this story.
7/14/2020 c3 PrimeEmperor
Maybe he fighting style will be like Luxus Fairy tail
7/13/2020 c10 Fritosaurio
I am really enjoying this story. Thank you for taking the time to write something like this.
Hope we dont have to wait too much for the next chapter
7/13/2020 c10 Zeikwalt
hey I am a huge fan of the story I home in the future the mc will learn to use a weapon like a great sword, battle ax or a Heavy lance. for a one handed option maybe a sabre or rapier leaving one hand open for his lighting attacks. is the mc going to learn those super skills that c3po noes like moon walk ect. will haki be developed in the future.
7/12/2020 c10 Po1
Good fic so far; happy to finally see some real action!
7/10/2020 c10 Joshua2590
Keep up the good work. It was a nice chapter.
7/10/2020 c7 Infernius
Well that's a mighty 400 years fast forward.
7/9/2020 c10 story absorber
ninGEN U UPDATE NOW?! I THOUGHT U ABANDONED THIS (is a master piece btw)
7/9/2020 c9 Kurisuu The Hussar
Keep up the good work. I'm loving it so far. Also, quick question, is Lucas going to have a harem? Just asking out of curiosity.
7/9/2020 c10 AchillesI
hey, i have enjoyed this fic uptil now and i like a marine oc , y' know doing his thing and how you created a back story and worldbuilding. I hope this fic contjnues like this and does not become a cringefest.
7/9/2020 c10 Guest
good job please more
7/8/2020 c10 2merendinoemiliano
Quite cool and funny chapter Trough fights might need some improving
7/8/2020 c10 1Ragnas Bredvolts
Nice little fist fight in a long time for sure, Hi by the way, how ya doing my friend hope yar still keeping clean and indoors in this still trying times. Wow it already half a year now, what a,,,,,, wellllll,,,,, unique way for us all to start the decade yes?. Anyway I can see how his Dragonic/Animal Instinct can be the foundation of his Observation Haki, it hard to wrong when it your own but feeling that is telling you that something is about to go down south. The fight is fine, though it would have been nice to see Torlo and Tashigi in action, like that seen where Pirate #4/#5 tried to get a back stab on Lucas, could have had Tashigi swift in and block it then proceeds to dish her Justice on him while the Pirates running could have been shoot by Torlo (while tipping his hat to his mates), just to have a good showing of team play there but of course this is just the start and here's to hoping this three get some team fight in the future.
Also funny thing is when I'm typing Torlo's name is usually auto-correct to "Troll" so is this some kind of well played game you're cooking up to tease us of a up coming "Hito-Hito no Mi : Model - Troll", cause if so then "well played, my good friend". Or if it's not then hah still good, though I'm imagining just having Torlo be a Troll then he goes and snipe people from afar, by chucking bullets and cannon balls as ammo hahahhahahhaha now that's a DnD character, a Sniper/Ranger Troll, HAH love that!.
But there is some problem with some of the sentences like "As expected of a major power of the world the marines" could have been better if it was "the world, the marines" or better yet "the world. The marines". Not me bashing or anything of cource, just pointing out some errors that I see while reading.
Anyway that is all for now and I hope you have a GLORIOUS DAY TODAY.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!
7/3/2020 c9 Tdog Smith
I really like this story I hope you make more chapters of it.
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