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for One Piece: Lightning Dragon

9/8/2023 c16 5DeadKing24712
The technique you made up is probably possible for Garp considering the six marine powers has that wind blade kick. Im almost positive Oda will make use of a Garp creating wind fists with his punch.
9/7/2023 c25 2merendinoemiliano
Very good action
9/7/2023 c25 ingramethan698
Ben 10
8/19/2023 c24 zubzilla
Can you hurry up with the story, please
8/19/2023 c6 zubzilla
Cliche mc picking up a animal companion
8/17/2023 c9 2000str
ch9 is really disturbing garp would never ask his grandson "that"
8/16/2023 c2 2000str
ch 2 very disapointing, mc 15 and weak runing from some nobody pirates
worse the dragon is small, really what is the point of making mc a zoan dragon user if he is a small flying lizard? just look at kaido, mc would look like a flying rat in comparison
8/13/2023 c24 Tmartn2001
Question is Branca a Lunarian?
8/13/2023 c16 FallenSage
Great job loved it thanks for all your hard work
8/7/2023 c15 Eddyg125
Why is he acting like a vigilante if he is already a marine. Heck, I get that he wants to fly around, but he should've known that people would be distressed if they saw him
8/6/2023 c15 XenoLucifer
I know you prob thought it was cool to have him roar while flying in the night sky, but did you not at all think about how he's a marine who's main duty is to protect civilians but now he causes distress by not only waking up an entire neighbourhood but showing off that an unknown (potentially dangerous) dragon is flying around their island.

I just don't really get it? he's also not professional at all, it's kind of annoying, he's supposed to be in the police force of that universe but just dumps the criminals outside the HQ with a letter referring to himself as their mythical friend, bro ur not a vigilante, ur a marine, use your name, rank, title etc and talk to them in person, don't try to act mysterious.
8/6/2023 c24 AweMazing
Let me start with what an amazing story you're writing. I absolutely love it. Binge read it in an evening, and was left wanting even more. I hope you keep writing. Moving on, Most probably the speaking to animals is the will of the D thing? Voice of all things iirc. I love it, and last chapter ( the fight ) was so far the best. If i could say one thing, maybe pick up the pace a bit? The story is amazing, but I'm used to a bit faster paced stories ( due to me only really reading trash OP MC stuff) and maybe it might get a bit boring if we continue at the same pace.

Anyway, you're writing this for free, and youre the author so feel free to discard my opinion, since you're writing for yourself. Hope to read more, and hope you stay well. Have a great day Author!
8/6/2023 c8 XenoLucifer
Eh, Lucas feels like he's just being overly kind to Tashigi because he knows she's a part of canon, it feels weird and you made Tashigi too "easy" they literally just met and she's already blushing at him just being kind.

Come on man
8/6/2023 c8 XenoLucifer
You have a lot of praise for Tashigi even though she's commonly known as Lshigi for always taking the L.
8/5/2023 c24 merendinoemiliano
Pretty Crazy, very One Piece style
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