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for One Piece: Lightning Dragon

7/11/2023 c22 Gigame
oh the links aren't working
7/11/2023 c23 Gigame
after reading 23 chapters of this story I can't help but notice that when Lucas is growling (whether soft or not) and roaring, you use the same words but in bold. instead how bout you use this> httpsgraphemica
Fgo uses this for their berserkers, one great example is Heracles httpsfategrandorder. fandom
as you can see and guess Heracles is roaring and growling to talk. of course there are other berserkers who speaks normally and some who uses a mix of both words and those black rectangular thingies in one sentence, the one who quickly comes to mind is penthesilea in Agartha. I hope you will be able to read this and use it the next time Lucas growls or roar.
7/11/2023 c23 Gigame
Yey 2 chapters :D
7/10/2023 c2 Guest
yeah this "being called by a devil fruit" is just cringe all over the place
7/10/2023 c22 2merendinoemiliano
Very sweet work, best of luck with next part.
7/9/2023 c21 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
6/30/2023 c14 ImMoku
Why he got black scale? i think blue and white is the perfect color for his dragon form because his lightning is blue and white also his eyes and hair is the same color..
6/29/2023 c1 IJustWantGoodLongFanfictions
can you please stop making go bwahahaha every sentence, it's getting tired now
6/27/2023 c21 Gigame
oh thank God there is an update
6/27/2023 c21 merendinoemiliano
Quite badass, curious to see the new enemy
6/26/2023 c5 Takioki
So far from what I've read it's been alright but at the same time makes no sense. How can a grandson of Garp not have trained any by age 15? How can someone who is aware of the World they are in not bother to train before he was 15, even if he forgot about Haki, even if he forgot about the Six Powers he would have still trained physically prior to that point even if he had no plans to be a Marine or Pirate. It really just makes zero sense, hell he doesn't even have the excuse of being lazy as Garp would have forced him to train specially after his father died. He can't even use the excuse that he feared he would impair his young body because freaking Luffy was training as a little brat, so was Ace and even Sabo who did not have the D. bloodline was kicking ass as a kid. I'm not saying he should have become a Gary Stu and go full Itachi being able to wipe his clan at 13, but the dude should have some foundation prior to that point, more so being a Gran Line native. That point alone just totally lowers my opinion of the work as a whole by quite a bit. I didn't even care if he wasn't strong at the start he could have just had low returns from his earlier training prior to the Devil Fruit, the simple fact that he had not even taken the time to train prior to 15 in the One Piece world is just beyond believable.
6/1/2023 c7 theeelderman5
i don't like him losing memories but whatevaa also i wished the fruit was way stronger like it actually slowly transforms him into an actual dragon increasing his strength and other things without actively using the DF powers would be nice
6/1/2023 c5 theeelderman5
by giant i mean like the giants during the Davy back fight in one piece with foxy
6/1/2023 c5 theeelderman5
that tiger is strong makes no sense Luffy the rubber man punched his islands lil sea beast :l tiger can't be stronger than that even though it's the grand line maybe I'd believe it if you gave more details like it's a giant tiger or something
4/23/2023 c15 Ichigo Uzumaki 9
While a neat chapter it made no sense for him to sneak around, he is a marine!
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