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for The Silence of Snow

1/10 c1 Faith O
I like this vignette. You describe their movements so that they help to make us imagine we are there, just as the dialogue does.
7/24/2020 c1 Mari Wollsch
kudos xxxxxxxxxxxx
10/9/2019 c1 Samantha
Much better than what we actually got. God bless.
9/10/2019 c1 1jasnrob
7/27/2019 c1 Spencer Chamberlain
7/6/2019 c1 Jen
This is so sweet! The only thing I can complain about is that it could be a tad bit longer hahaha. Jaime asking Brienne to marry him instead of this nonsense about the room being hot is the way it should have been done in the show.
6/30/2019 c1 1Zadea
Much better than what the writers gave us.
6/30/2019 c1 Guest
Very good. Your writing is beautiful. Please continue this, it is the ending Brienne and Jamie deserved.
6/30/2019 c1 8ginar369
I'd love it if you continued it! Honestly I never believed she was pregnant with Jaime's baby. She would have been around 6 months pregnant by time the Red Keep fell on their heads. Lena Heady did an interview that said there was a deleted scene where she miscarried Jaime's baby. But when you look at how she told Jaime she was pregnant... Asking him what he was going to do about Bronn's betrayal for setting up the meeting with Tyrion in the skull room. Then she tells him she is pregnant and immediately after tells Jaime to never betray her again. It comes off as manipulative. A lie used to control him.

Cersei was heading into Mad King territory. After she got done with Elaria she went right to Jaime and well we know what she did. Jaime did say that after the Mad King got done killing people he would go visit his wife and rape her. He got excited by killing people and so did Cersei apparently.

So if you take that deleted scene as canon then she might have really been pregnant with Euron's baby at the end. But what does she tell Jaime? I don't want our baby to die. Another lie just to keep him with her under the Red Keep and for him to die with her. Brienne loves Jaime. Even if he stayed but their relationship ended she would have been happy. Happy that he still lived. But his sister... Who wants someone they love to die just because they are?
6/29/2019 c1 bmthespian
Great chapter. You should definitely continue
6/29/2019 c1 Gwendoleer
That was beautiful. It felt really honest and true to the characters. I wish we got this scene instead of that hateful one D&D gave us.

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