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2h c86 Guest
weiss: possibly a victim of child abuse at the hands of her father. she'l definitely stand up to her father harley quinn standing up to joker style in season 1 of harley quinn (3 notable episodes of this is when harley trashes the joker's hideout, harley confronting her repressed origin story, and the season 1 finale).
3h c86 kamenriderzio218
Jackass to the end, hope aqua teach him a lesson and kick his sorry ass in jail for the crimes he made
5h c86 jeremiahkelley93
great chapter.
5h c86 4DRMAK
how boy. here we go again.
7h c86 19The Unplanner
Doesn't Aqua have heels on her combat boots? Two inches, at least.

A Weiss who had a loving mother probably would have ended up just like the rest of these socialites.

Ignore the douchebag in the coat, Aqua - unseal the door!

There are only two people who use Ethereal Blades: Xemnas, and Young Xehanort. On the other hand, this guy seems to have copies of practically every item of power in the worlds, so this could just be a bluff.

What's the point of "testing" people when he already knows they're not at their best? If he wanted results, he should deliver a warning and motivate them to train first.

A "mighty dragon"... LOL, Mushu. Not that Weiss needs much help in the summoning department anymore, but it will function without Dust, which could be useful if she's disarmed.

Speaking of Dust, it was unusually nice of the hood guy to load Myrtenaster before handing it to her, since she wouldn't have had any Dust in her ballgown.

Okay, I see how the FFXV group COULD be here, but I can't see what they'd actually bring to the story, except maybe some filler content as they come to the same incorrect conclusion Weiss did about Aqua and her Semblance.
7h c86 10ultima-owner
love that song.
9h c7 Korst
This story is great, so long as I pretend the last few chapters never happened. But otehr than that train wreak, we all good. Fuck that bullshit by the way. Now all I need to do is pretend Cinder is just a character that has the same name of canon Cinder and that the canon cinder of this story had an unfortunate accident with a magnum Grim dong or something equally stupid to what happened here; because holy fucking shit ball I hate it so fucking much, just fucking kill me - why?
9h c6 Korst
Oh, Holy fuck! It was worse than I could have ever possibly imagined. This entire plot point in completely and utterly retarded. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Fanon Raven coming out with the stupid and then CINDER is there for some reason. Because of course Cinder is there for some reason. Why WOULDN'T Cinder be there? She's a canon character and therefore MUST appear somewhere in the fanfic even if it makes absolutely NO FUCKING SENSE.
9h c5 Korst
Yeah, no okay with this decision. I guess you've got to put a spin on things somehow. But god damn I hate this more than I thought I was going to. Hopefully this is the only utterly redartared plot point for the foreseeable future.
10h c86 Guest-Questioner
Okay, any MORE, cameo's, gonna show up?
15h c86 SolSparda369
Hopefully we get to see Noctis fight with Weiss. It be like a crazy cocktail of a team up, weapon summons and glyphs.
16h c86 Jimmy K.I. 7
Final Fantasy XV? Didn't expect that. (VII, X, and now XV, huh.)

Question, again.
01. You sure about Weiss and Noctis? (What about Neptune & Luna?)
02. Wonder why Lost Master gave the charms to RWBY?
03. Does those charms has connection to something on Remnant?

Well, can't wait to see that Lost Master's conversation with Salem. If he intended to?
16h c86 Noe Magdiel Gonzalez Ramirez
I love this chapter, and the add characters are a nice surprise.
16h c86 Guest
Great chapter I suppose that Pyrrha went home with her mother I hope she left a letter to Aqua so that she takes that letter to Jaune to tell her what she costs for him, and the reason why she left.
every echiso you gave them has a meaning for them
Ruby: has Dumbo which means Believe.
Yang: has Simba means Courage,
Weiss: has Mushu means trust.
That lets Blake have the last spell that must be the only one that can be the Ohana (Family) this is already getting out of control.! :)
I do not like something about Ironwood I do not like that he tells her, only James has other intentions, it is very rare that he asked her out that not to see Weiss who sang all this has other intentions with Aqua knowing that she is married to Qrow. I don't like Ironwood's intentions at all
16h c86 jmcochran19
God now I’m wondering if Ardyn's gonna show up at some point.
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