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8/2 c130 Mr. Question
Love and Justice. Which one do you think is strong for humanity?
7/27 c38 Jimmy K.I. 7
Hey, I just found Daft Punk on this episode?!
I was surprised that moment!
7/26 c130 8Crescent Sunrise
Damn. This is going bad for Team RWBY and Co. fast. Adam with his targets' hands almost literally tied behind their backs? I'm not picturing a scenario where things are hunky dory. XD

There's still plenty to unpack before Vol. 6 is over though. I'm sad that there'll be such a long break but I get it. I can hardly write in any consistent manner and you've been extremely so for three years. Take your time, it'll give me an excuse to re read this in like six months. XD
7/25 c130 6CT7567Rules
Bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day, bad day!

Yep, I agree with you on Caroline and Ironwood completely.

You think Ironwood would be stupid enough to use the remains of Decepticons to create a new mechanized army?
7/25 c128 CT7567Rules
Damn you Caroline, damn you Ironwood and damn you Jacque. Caroline shouldn't have said those things, man do I hate her character even more than I did before.

Seriously, you think that with the most advanced war machines, best soldiers and weapons are going to beat Salem, imagine what it would be like if she had a droid army under her command or an army of Mobile Suits.
7/25 c130 Guest
Yep, Ren was totally jealous of Oscar! Uh-oh! Adam Alert! Keep up the good work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
7/25 c127 CT7567Rules
Wait? Nora lied?

7/25 c126 CT7567Rules
It does kind of feel hard to track each character with how large a group they are now.
7/25 c125 CT7567Rules
Talk about a bomb drop from Jaune.

I hope Sienna see's sense in the future.
7/25 c124 CT7567Rules
I agree one hundred percent about the Apathy. I hate those things myself. I think the best way to kill them is to hit them from long range before they can even see you. Example, a sniper. Fire one shot at it, move before it spots you and then fire again.
7/25 c123 CT7567Rules
Does this mean Neo might have a crush on Sora? Kairi is going to be jealous.

Again, I love the change in Cinder's character, but I still hate the official character.

If decomposing corpses aren't a sign that something is really off about that farm, I don't know what is.
7/25 c122 CT7567Rules
Yeah, I have a feeling Salem can be killed by something she's hunting down to extinction, but I can understand why everyone is angry at Ozpin.
7/25 c130 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter
7/25 c130 9Kolomte'49
Casi dos meses desde que se actualizo esta historia, y solo necesite leer hasta la situación de Blake y Tifa, para que todo mi odio y desprecio hacia el personaje de Ironwood y la imagen general del ejército de Atlas resurja con todo. . . Es bueno saber que la historia no ha perdido su toque.
Y la nota sobre el traje de fuerza para Ruby, creó que empiezo a estar tentado a releer esta historia.
Ren y Nora abordan su relación. Bueno, no era la manera en que yo esperaba que ocurriera, lo que es genial porque me gusta que me sorprendan. Nada como la presión del grupo para forzar y abordar el tema contra un personaje generalmente callado y muy autocontrolado como Ren.
Weiss afronta a Cordovin. “everyone there is like you”. Wow, nunca espere encontrar a una Weiss diciendo algo como eso. Fuera del evento de la fiesta de beneficencia, no esperaba ver algo así de ella. Ahora veamos cómo responde el patriotismo/lavado de cerebro con esto.
Adam Taurus. Fu-k. Vaya forma de adelantar el canon. Espera, no dije eso en mi último review?
7/25 c130 2sorarocks531
Heyo! Great to see the story back with a new chapter. Really wasn't sure wear this was gonna go from last chapter, so I was pretty sure it was writers block. Anyways, great chapter. Really solidified Cordovin as one of my least favorite characters...

As for the break you have planned for this story after volume 6, I think that's a great idea. Just don't abandon it! D: Too many stories i've seen have been forgotten because the writer goes on an extended break and just never bothers to return to it... I like this story way to much to just sit back and watch it be forgotten.

Anyways! Great work so far! Still wondering what's going on with Cinders group.
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