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9/16 c32 MiaMorn
Great read
9/14 c32 3Skadarken
You really know how to build up to an event.

Cynthia is shown to have a brain underneath all that fangirl gushing and is an unexpected insight into certain pieces that helps shed some light on a mystery that looks to span several arcs. Her personality has been coming along nicely - a reckless, hard-headed, take-no-hostages manner that seems rather refreshing. The coming events will show whether she is able to handle adversity or fold like a deck of cards outside organized battles. Sides, a want to see what a High-Inter trainer is capable of.

Pokemon - The First Movie was the first movie I was ever gifted. I all but burned out the CD, watching the movie over and over again. Red is going to meet Fuji soon to discuss the Mu cells inside Red... This is going to sound utterly strange and ridiculous but is Fuji trying to bring his daughter back in some way, shape or form by experimental ditto cell injections from cloned portions of his deceased daughter? If not, are you trying to pull some kind of Shou Tucker style reveal with this guy?

In the first movie, Mewtwo was obliviated to forget about Aitwo and his friends because he lost himself to grief and after a series of events, declares that pokemon are the true masters of the planet or something. While I doubt you are going to pull the Aitwo card, is Mewtwo is going to want to turn the world into a haven for cloned creatures like himself?

The tidbits about Eusine are tantalising though until the man himself shows up, there isn't much we can do there except theorise. But Oak building on the Pokespeech lore is leading to places that are slightly horrific. Cause if all pokemon can comminucate in all languages but humans cannot, is it because humans have evolved beyond a specific organ/gene that allows it or because it was ripped/engineered out of them?

May Hutton has done a very good job of reminding me of a certain poison-tongued water beetle. I now unequivocally hate this parasite and wish for nothing more than her quick, gruesome death.
Congratulations: Achievement Unlocked: Make a reader despise a character in a single scene
9/13 c32 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
9/13 c32 1Solo Starfish
Hey this story's getting pretty good. Nice job :P
9/11 c32 1Bloodline Purger
a very nice chapter
9/10 c32 7hanatos
9/10 c32 2Storm Pegasus
Fuck's sake May, keep your nose out of where it doesn't belong.
9/10 c32 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
That was an exciting chapter to return with. Glad to hear their will be a consistent schedule now.
9/10 c32 4Quantum Fang
Well, May is going to miss the good story most likely
9/10 c32 Shadobladez
Interesting chapter, I'm curious as to when the other foot drops what is going to happen, very excited, worried and anxious for the next chapter. A question I have, and feel free to not answer if it spoils too much, how far in have you planned/written Ascension, I'm curious to how far into the planning and how ingenious this had been, thank you for the chapter nonetheless, cheers!
9/10 c32 dazeemmurphy
Thanks for the chapter!
9/10 c32 TheScottishLegend
Woop! Glad to here that yous have a semi regular schedule for posting all your fics now :)
Great build up for the next chapter and for the future of the fic, teasing possible concepts (legenderies, future travels etc.) and great interaction between Red & Cynthia.
Looking forward to the next one!
9/10 c32 doomqwer
An interesting chapter but I must say it was short then expected given how long it has been since the update.
Onto the actual review I believe this chapter has given us a slight look into this version of Cynthia's personality see how upset she was when she thought Oak was giving red everything on a silver platter and while Oak has helped Red on quite a few occasion red has shown that most of his successes are his own.
I do hope you dont kill off Oak as his insights and personality would be missed in this story and it would irrevocably change the world is ways that may stymie ideas for you.
9/6 c1 13thunderofdeath97
well then fuck delia and kaz, lol

red ketchum? so ash is red here

magmar aren't really all that strong or impressive tbh

why is the aether foundation in kalos? it should be alola, lol

can't really blame red, he is stuck with a mawile, gary gets a riolu which will eventually become a lucario, seems legit, lol

why do all fanfic authors have pikachu try to kill ash? or well red in this case? do you guys hate the mouse that much? lol

did oak kill pikachu? sounds kind of evil, tbh
9/1 c31 Raj8
Well that was certainly hilarious to see, that's certainly one way to make one of the worst realistic first impressions possible.

Still considering there talents and values it will be interesting to see how they interact in the future, especially since they covet the other's gifts and blessings while disregarding there own.
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