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8/1 c74 32RoczaDeb
I love your long stories. The initial premise is far outside of canon. I like that. FYI. I’m a writer too. You dont have to be too detailed. ‘Take a break’ rather than outline everything done. ‘Stopped for food’ rather than detailing the meal or where they stopped. Readers have an excellent imagination. If the break or food is not important to the plot, don’t waste time trying to fill in uneeded details. As a reader, (rereading one of your awesome stories) I have gotten distracted by the number of time they go to the bathroom. I don’t need to know where they got fast food. My brain will fill in the blanks. I learned this from one of my favorite published Authors, Jeal Auel. One of her books was over 600 pages, but only about 100 applied to the story or plot. I just skipped chapters of writing to get to the plot. Remember, chocolate or candy… not Hershey’ Kisses with mint or a Payday bar. Don’t reseach the stuff that is not pertinant to the story. Excellent work on writing this fic.
7/13 c194 Michelle
Love love love
6/10 c194 7DrWandel
You make it look like it's so easy changing location, with two babies/toddlers, getting a new car, finding a new place to live, and the new job. Of course, this is Sam, and at least she does not have to worry about financial issues.
6/8 c193 DrWandel
Wait, they got two babies and will have to plan for living in separate places, and Sam just accepts it like this?
On the other hand, it's about time for NASA to get involved, I guess.
5/10 c1 Guest
I ment the Force, the tablet for some reason turned the into rank I do not know why
5/9 c192 DrWandel
Good to see that Sam gets a chance to get back to work. Seems that were wasn't any major crisis she was urgently needed for while she was not available.
5/9 c191 DrWandel
Doesn't work for me. I actually like to eat garlic and do that frequently, but I also have colds a lot.
5/6 c33 Guest
Basically Sam has the Rank Force, ya know from star wars
3/18 c190 DrWandel
Family life!

Now I guess Sam will have a chance to train her body again, right?
Also, I agree with the previous review from 'chainguns' - it will be interesting to see if the kids inherited any special abilities and how those may show.
2/4 c189 chainguns
Another good chapter. And then there were twin boys. I am sure they will have special abilities inherited from the parents and now live should get even more interesting for Jack & Sam.
2/3 c189 kerrylynn2004
Awesome chapter. Great to see the kids
12/25/2022 c188 chainguns
Good chapter and now they have twin boys. I'm sure there will be all kinds of reactions from interested parties.
12/25/2022 c188 kerrylynn2004
I love the update. I'm happy to see the kids make an appearance. Looking forward to more ancient parts of the story.
12/25/2022 c188 DrWandel
Finally the birth happened!

One thing is strange: The doctor coming in should have been briefed at least, and not be susprised about Sam having twins; that's kind of unprofessional.

"What, she just given birth to twins five minutes ago and she is up and having a shower?"
Indeed, that's not normal at all, but of course, this is Sam.
10/23/2022 c187 DrWandel
Ok, it's starting. At least Jack has a chance to be with her. I wonder if anything extraordinary will happen during birth.
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