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for Dillon's Where the Heart is

5/17/2020 c32 12Naguabo
Congratulations! This story went through a huge range of emotions, and I got to see plenty of changes in the characters. I definitely enjoyed this story and encourage you to write more.
2/3/2020 c18 Naguabo
That is an interesting change for Catherine - especially since she never seemed to have much of a connection with Dillon and with Texas. I wonder whether photography has made her appreciate it more.
1/19/2020 c16 Naguabo
I enjoyed catching up with this. I wonder what Tim is going to do, and I hope it's more than model for Catherine's artwork.
1/8/2020 c14 star-bink
Absolutely love this story! I love Cat and Tim’s relationship and how much they trust each other. Probably one of the best FNL OC fanfics I’ve read, and I can’t wait to read more!
12/25/2019 c12 11RainKandySux
I'm loving the dialogue for all the chapters! I'm a sucker for OCs, so I'm enjoying the whole Cat thing.

Thank you for the warning for this specific chapter. I'm okay with reading about assault situations, but it's happened to me and I do like being prepared before reliving the moment!

I look forward to reading future updates!
12/3/2019 c11 12Naguabo
I like how Tim is still imperfect while at the same time being very dedicated to Catherine. But what will happen when Guy Raston comes after Tim?
11/3/2019 c10 Naguabo
This is a realistic portrayal of the Season 2 episodes with the addition of Catherine.
7/24/2019 c7 Naguabo
Well, that is quite a change. I like how Cat talked straight with Tim and he agreed to it. For some reason, I feel like in this story Jason might end up with Lyla. Let's see how things go once they're all back in Dillon. Pats to the puppy.
7/16/2019 c6 Naguabo
Congratulations on the canine! This just seems like a rather abrupt jump, from when Cat was thoroughly humiliated by the girls over Tim, to start in the next year skipping around 9 months or so. Also, Cat's experiences in Italy would be interesting to read about (since I've lived there). Are you going to include some flashbacks to events in the previous year?
7/11/2019 c5 Naguabo
Not sure what you mean by YA tropes, but there was a similar scene in the movie Malena. I hated high school so much that I didn't go to it. (Or rather, hated junior high school so much that I didn't want to go to high school and found a way around it) And I could see some girls getting jealous over Tim and taking it out on Cat. I wonder if the baseball bat is going to get some new action.
7/10/2019 c4 Naguabo
No, actually, I feel panic when I try to write. You did get a bit stereotypical with Tim's behavior at the party (maybe you were overcompensating for your worries about him getting out of character), but I like how he actually got interested in photography. You do a good job of writing his voice. However, I would encourage you to use Cat's interaction with some other characters and not only with Tim to develop her character more. i understand that Tim disconcerts Cat, but that can't be the only thing going on in her life.
7/10/2019 c3 Naguabo
Actually, Tim doesn't seem really out of character to me - plus, interacting with Cat and growing up could actually make his character change a bit, right? I'm surprised at how completely absent Cat's parents are - they don't even call once to see how their daughter's doing? I'll comment more as I get further through in the story.
7/5/2019 c1 Naguabo
The interactions here are a very good start. I would encourage you to write more about Catherine's life rather than focusing on the relationship with Tim. Also, I expect him to say sometime "Now we are friends". Also, Catherine seems pretty handy with a baseball bat - I'd like to read more about her artwork though. Maybe she paints a picture of Tim sometime?

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