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3h c44 Reaper1990
Eye contacts with wrighting in the agent's vision?
3h c44 Reaper1990
Why not use intent based perminant eys contact's
7h c10 AuroraAstera
I really don't understand the amount of trust and faith Harry is placing in Fury and Coulson based on some obscure words said by the Ancient One. Harry's acting more like Captain America than realistic. He really doesn't seem like a guy who lost everything and spent years trying to survive in a destroyed world determined to avenge his loved ones. He doesn't come across as traumatized at all. He even thinks about how he couldn't be with someone he didn't trust, signifying his intentions to be in a romantic relationship. Harry should be extremely wary of revealing his secrets and of government agencies. He knows next to nothing about Shield yet is signing up to be exploited by them. I thought he'd be more like Tony Stark and keep at a distance, only helping when needed while keeping to his magic projects in his spare time. He even saluted Fury. I don't know what to make of this. Harry just comes across as so trusting and naive, not the battle-hardened and traumatized warrior he claims.
10h c3 AuroraAstera
I really like this story so far. I just don't understand why Harry didn't leave before Agent Coulson showed up on the scene or why he went with the muggle authorities. I also don't understand his reluctance to use legilimency on Coulson when the information could be so important. After years of warfare and the destruction of the world as he knew it, I'm surprised Harry's morals are so strong. Wouldn't survival, knowledge, and efficiency be more of a priority to him? He doesn't seem to have that sense of heaviness that would be typical of someone having lost everything the way he has. Wouldn't he be more somber and warrior-like?
19h c58 envirosue
I am so very sorry for your loss
1/18 c44 Keres47
I’m not sure that saying Voldemort survived so long was because of their belief. Voldemort only survived due to the horcrux. You would also have to find an excuse why people who have a cult like following aren’t powerful. Like North Korea and Japan among others
1/16 c64 larmmason
phew... things end well.
I'm so relieve now.
You really done well Harry.
If you knew what happen when you aren't here.. you'll be really glad and know how much life you've save and how much life you've made them better, causing more good things/life to happen and massively lessen the misery in multiple worlds over.
1/13 c52 larmmason
hm... now that I think about It, It's really valuable. Extra time to think in battle's really crucial.
kinda like we pause the game at some critical moment to think things through and what action we should do or should avoid doing but time dilation's not the same as time stop, so It still have limit of times left to think things through, so It's still not as overpowered as time stop.. Did I get it right? I'm not so sure.

and Ah, I really love how Pepper is, She's so caring and have such strong mind. to kept on fighting through so much work like this and still retain her sense of self, I really admire her. glad Nat made her maid of honor too. x)
1/8 c32 Guest
I tried to like this story I really did as I love the idea of HP joining the Avengers. Unfortunately there is such a lack of any real growth or character development in this fic I just can't keep going.

Harry is a Gary-Stu who swoops in and fixes all the worlds problems with no downsides and every character in the MCU loves him and trusts him immedietly. It's not fun or engaging to read about someone who faces no real challenges and solves everyone's problems within a chapter of meeting them.

The fact he is now a Prince of Asgard beloved by all, is just the icing on a very boring cake. I'll give it 2/10 for some fun ideas but you lose points for unrealistic characters, major Gary-stuness, and stilted and unnecessary character dialogue and interactions. I could go on but I'll end it here.
1/10 c69 insanecoop
A truly brilliant and enjoyable story
1/9 c45 larmmason
I'm getting mass effect vibe now. When Humanity all united as one not divided by countries. (not counting CERBERUS organization tho) Harry brought on enormous goods for the world and solving crysis left and right.
If only things could be like this in our own Realities as well.
1/9 c41 larmmason
だmn, I really want to be recruit by Harry now.
His care for his employee along with The facilities're really great!
His securities're top notch as well. No need to fear and can sleep tight If you sleep in one of his room of requirement. from my perspective, It's perfect!
1/4 c60 Aryax
"No, Harry. Much to my own disappointment, she is not yet with child." she interjected for Natasha. "I may decide to cancel your protections against such things if you make me wait much longer, though."

I would run for the hills having a mother in law who seriously does not respect or seemingly understands personal boudaries... par for the course for her in this fic... she's seriously creepy
1/4 c57 Aryax
Well, I have to sa that I enjoy the story, even if there are bits and pieces that really make Harry into a Gary-stu, but I obviously don't mind, since I'm up to chapter 57.

I'm usually not one to leave negative reviews, but this chapter merits al least some constructive criticism:

It's never made much sense, what's between Harry and the Nymphs (in fact, having Nymphs at all? Particularly when their status oscillates between creatures and sentients? With urges towards men that makes them seem beastly yet not?), it seem like their inclusion was placed into the story not so much to enrich the story or drive it somewhere, but to enhance Harry's "godliness", or Harry's "manliness"... which, as I said, fine. I've read up to now and it's obviously something I can pretty much ignore in the plot.

But what just happened in this chapter? Between Xera, Natasha and Harry?

Xera taking the opportunity to have sex with Harry (who is black out drunk and so cannot give consent) when, in fact he's repeatedly and explicitly stated in many if not to say at all other occasions it has come up, that he does NOT want or consider the possibility of having a romantic relationship with anone other than Natasha, has pointedly told Xera he does NOT want to have any kind of intimate or sexual relationship with her or others excepting Natasha?

That is known as non-consensual sex, otherwise known as rape.
Made even more painful by the fact that Natasha bypassed all of Harry's objections, disrespected his choices and their relationship, and facilitated all of it?
Just there is enough cause for Harry to freakin break up with Natasha, and boot the nymphs from his island

Now, perhaps there is too much of my personal opinion here, and I do apologize, and far be it from me to tell you how to write your story, but keep in mind.

- It's not so much that the fic includes a non-con scene (which if you wanted it in there, that's ok), but what you do with it and the aftermath.
- The message you send here is (off the top of my head):
1. Non consensual sex does not matter, has no consecuences and is in fact to be celebrated
2. If a male is forced by a woman, then it's not rape (not true btw)
3. Lack of character consistency (where is Harry's resolve?)
4. Abuse in a relationship (Natasha seriously transgressed against Harry, his trust and faith in here).
5. Having sex with someone drunk is not a form of non-consensual sex (also not true, altered stated of consiousness preclude anbody from being able to legally give consent for anything).

Like I said, it's your story and it's been finished for well over a year, but these sorts of things need to be either handled delicately or not included at all. By which I mean, get them into the story, but give it context (was it ok? was it not ok? do the characters understand the concept? if the don't understand the concept in the story it's fine and actually happends IRL but that also has repercussions in the other characters). Damn and for a second there I had thought Tony would be the one to point it out.
1/2 c25 Emerys
I like your story so far...but...you break the 4th wall to much...especially with Deadpoll.
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