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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

2/26 c69 pwrmom2
I absolutely loved this story!
2/22 c18 Fredward1
Ahhhhh cringeeeeeee. God that whole “stop this isnt you!” Bullshit made me literally cringe. God that shits pathetic. Oh god stuff like that is why i avoid T rated fics with a passion.
1/30 c27 biob1
Why would he comtinuosly send missiles to where tony is and then be surprised when one almost hits him. It feels forced only so he can be knocked out from behind. Other than that nice work even if the whole tolhing felt forced so he can be shown to be vulnerable.
1/29 c13 biob1
You say you want him skilled yet you have him rely on others for runes and potions.
1/27 c12 Guest
Good story so far. Only critique is that harry doesn’t really seem like a character. Feels more like he’s a vehicle to show readers magic in the MCU. I think his overexplaining seems to be the primary reason for this. It’s like if someone asked you what’s up in the hallway and you stop to tell them all about how you lost your wallet, had to spend 10 minutes searching your room, and eventually found it so that you could then drive to work all while handing them your wallet to show them where it got scuffed in the corner from when you dropped it behind your desk.
1/22 c66 Name Not Given
Thanos may not be a raving lunatic but he is completely irrationally idiotically irreedemable.
1. Killing half the universe because of the limited resources is stupid. With the stones, he could have rewritten nature to control the population and tied it to available resources, meaning that reproduction is directly tied to available resources, meaning that if an island can feed 50 people, then there will only be 50 people because when there are 50 people living there and a baby is born, an elder dies to keep it at 50. And if 2 elders die and it's now 49, that's okay and maybe the elder lives a bit longer, to say goodbye. This way no one has to die and balance maintains itself.
2. He could have linked the universe to another universe that had all the resources but no intelligent, sentient and sapient life and sent half the population to that universe. This would have had the same effect. Actually, this would have been the best solution, because they would still be alive and he could have kept families together.

No, he chose death for half the universe and he made it seem like benevolence when he had many avenues towards solving the problem. Killing half the population was never the only solution because if you look hard enough for a solution, you will find it and with him being a true immortal, then he had plenty of time to look and find the actual solution. He has no excuse and his quest to kill half the life in the universe was to sate his own lust for murder.
1/16 c48 17RUGoing2writethat
You stated "you cannot be seen going to the man or his family, it would do more harm than good."

Wouldn't it depend on context though? I mean if the man approached Harry, and publicly apologized, and Harry accepted said apology, then it would show that Harry is willing to forgive and to give people a second chance, especially if the 'bigot' approached both Harry and Hank and apologized to both and both Hank and Harry accepted the apology. But, I know this is your story, but this sentence made me think about it. It is a good story, I like how you've written it. Your characters are very well rounded and while some are OOC, they are not OOC b/c of the context of the story.
The plot is very well written and funny at times.

Thank you
1/13 c44 Guest
You could have had Harry Offer the room of Requirement to produce the construct of the General and of the Winter Soldier (not Bucky) and allowed Tony to release his frustration, knowing they were just constructs and he was free to take his rage out on them. Of course, I'm not a psychologist, so that might actually be unhealth.
1/12 c31 1RavensBloodstone
you are an amazing writer. i was surprised to find myself crying when you described Harry's nightmare, when you elicit an emotional response from your readers,byou have become a writer in my opinion.
12/29/2023 c19 david430
compared to Harry in chapter one he is behaving pretty naive. Not sure if this is ooc or he was putting up a front at the start. It feels like hes regressing somehow in these fluff chapters. sure he hasnt dated much but he has been around and had training, so his acting this naive and innocent is weird
12/13/2023 c9 Riger82
"So your paranoid spymaster of a boss has one eye and lives up to his namesake?"
I never realized the similarities between Moody and Fury ntil that line.
11/26/2023 c1 VraelJsp
unknownlion did you even read the fanfic? Hermione and Ron aren’t even in the alternate universe… how are they dictating his life, exactly?
11/22/2023 c2 Unknownlion
Harry is stupid in this fanfic as well sigh. He relies to much on herminoe and others to tell him what to do and let Ron smash down his smarts for laziness sighs
11/8/2023 c44 Apollodorus13
Ive read this story so many times already and i bever get tired of it. The interactions and bonding between the characters is fantastic. The trust that is built, is amazing. Even something as simple as referencing the fact that Fury was napping next to Natasha and Harry was crazy to read about considering Fury’s trust issues
11/1/2023 c38 mst3ktoo
5 hours later two children die of anaphylactic shock when the shellfish transforms back in the stomachs and they discover their allergic to shellfish
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