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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

3/25 c1 vinceluoh12
Don’t know if you are still writing but if you are, would love to see a sequel, maybe adding in the newer marvel stuff?
3/20 c7 Guest
He revealed his magic to Coulson, therefore the government, without barely even knowing him?

While he’s not technically bound by the Statute of Secrecy, it’s a good idea to avoid telling people about magic. It’s also not a smart thing to tell someone you just met and an agency you’re not sure you can trust.
Little does he know it’s infected with Hydra. So ultimately, he made a really poor decision.

I’m going to drop at this point.
3/22 c10 1TheNStorm
Here's my problem. I like your idea for the world, and I'm predisposed to think favorably of this story, but everything seems to be happening just to move the plot along. Characters decide things that don't make sense to their normal emotions or logical processes. Too trusting, too quick to change, tpo ready to be something they're not for the sake of the plot. Also they all sound the same-which detracts from the dialogue a lot.
3/20 c5 TrumpasaurusRex
Within 24 hours, he’s now met with The Ancient One.

It’s like he’s going for the cliche Bingo.

Good story, but it’s hitting all the familiar beats.
3/20 c2 TrumpasaurusRex
He’s in the new world for minutes and SHIELD is already there and Harry immediately accedes to their demands?
It would make for a more interesting story if he was on his own for at least 24 hours.
It’s become a cliche at this point for the MC to run into SHIELD immediately and start working for them.

A more practical solution would have been to obliviate Coulson, disillusion himself, then teleport away.
3/14 c69 7craighorner88
I have been following your story for the last 2 and a 1/2 weeks and it is by far one of the greatest Harry Potter cross overs I have ever. Read I have loved every single chapter. I have loved the length the detail the character development the magic the science all the characters Marvel all the characters from Harry Potter you are an incredible writer. Thank you so much for writing this fanfic. This story has been an amazing read and something I have enjoyed for the last few weeks. Just trying to get to the next chapter to see what else was going to happen. And I hope to gosh you write more that you are an incredible writer. Thank you and once more my condolences to your family
3/1 c18 realfan16
can i address the cringe of having to save Natasha or even her being put on hold because of potter. Would have yapped about stealing the 'Avenger tower' from Tony but that room of requirement somehow calmed me down. Tho the passengers of the 'Harry bus' are kinda increasing. You can't just have him carrying everyone in one way or the other. *sigh*
2/22 c10 NCC1701D USS Enterprise
Ahhh I luuurve re-readingg this ff, one of the best!
2/16 c65 2ChibiChula
OMG... Deadpool as a wizard is a terrifying thought. 0_0
2/16 c64 ChibiChula
Misdirection is a MAGICIAN'S best tool. Harry's very insistent that he not be referred to as a magician. He's a WIZARD, darn it! LOL. ;D
2/15 c57 ChibiChula
Psycho step-sister? Shouldn't that be psycho adopted half-sister?
2/14 c55 ChibiChula
Hah... that law is so easy to get around when you can fly. If your feet don't touch the ground then you haven't set foot there, right?
2/12 c41 ChibiChula
Wait... Wasn't Maria Hill's badge her portkey? Am I forgetting a change in portkey for Hill and Fury? They did both just give up their badges... Huh. I really don't remember much about this story. It's been ages since I read it though so that doesn't fully surprise me. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I even finished reading it because back then I really disliked stories where it even hinted that the main character would be with more than one person. Not because I hated the idea so much but more because it's rarely done well. I don't like unequal relationships with multiple partners.
2/9 c21 ChibiChula
Wait... I missed this the first time around somehow. How did Harry transport the new electric appliances he bought for Clint and his family? Wouldn't he have needed to place runes on all of them first so they didn't get fried during magical transport? Most home appliances are big too so if they bought a bunch wouldn't they have needed to shrink them or make multiple trips to get them to the farm? I'm confused. <_<;
2/3 c16 Guest
If you dont want a Character to be strong enough to "fiendfyre" Thanos, then dont make him that strong, simple as that.
Its infinitely worse making him strong enough to do something, but having him not do it, that truly is rage inducing.
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