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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

9/25 c17 Paulv69
I know I have sent you reviews before but each time I read your story's I see some thing new
9/12 c25 4Jetstream
Why wouldn't they have alcohol there? It's a boarding school. The teachers live there. Just because it's not available for students doesn't mean they wouldn't have it.

I'm 99% sure the X-Men have alcohol with meals, at least, on a regular basis.
9/4 c12 Mad eye
Harry needs problems in the new life. People don't just give people everything
9/1 c68 6Mando-Vet
An outstanding story from beginning to end!
9/1 c67 Mando-Vet
This was a very good chapter. Well done, mate.
9/1 c64 Mando-Vet
Awesome battle!
9/1 c55 Mando-Vet
Ooh, major twist!
8/31 c49 Mando-Vet
8/31 c48 Mando-Vet
I really loved this chapter; especially how you wrote the scene with Hermione. And I love that you kept my favorite character alive!
8/30 c30 Mando-Vet
This was an amazing chapter! Full of laughs, tears, and angst.
8/30 c27 Mando-Vet
Aww, great chapter.
8/30 c25 Mando-Vet
Lol, Deadpool is always a riot.
8/30 c23 Mando-Vet
Lol, not gonna lie; I really enjoyed watching Enchantress get her arse handed to her.
8/30 c15 Mando-Vet
Lol, excellent chapter. I loved how you had Harry ingratiate himself with Asgard through food and drink.
8/29 c67 wolfzmasterz
You know it wasnt until this chapter that i realized that Happy isnt really ever mentioned in this story…
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