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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

8/8/2021 c69 Enforcer209
Well that was certainly a fun story to read
8/2/2021 c33 animusand
Loki seems a bit nerfed in the magic department. We could see clearly he knows how to navigate mirrors in his conversation with Thor in the first movie.
7/21/2021 c1 malcolm James
Harem? D
7/14/2021 c69 Eriktheviking70
An engrossing story, that overrode my need for sleep.
7/9/2021 c68 6258489
I really enjoyed the story, still don't care for the Weasley family or many other 'wizarding world' natives, but it's a good and entertaining story.
7/1/2021 c36 6258489
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Arms dealer doesn't think a filtered internet/data-stream is a big deal, but I am.
6/30/2021 c27 6258489
I hate when stories use 'plot armor'. I know it is kinda a given for sci-fi, especially marvel, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Not that I'd be able to figure out a way to write an interesting story that was more than a few thousand words without 'plot armor', I'm glad I rediscovered this story.
6/26/2021 c69 Viplove
finally was able to finish this. amazingly wrapped up.
6/24/2021 c48 Sifo-Dyas
Worst chapter out of this masterpiece. 47 was the second worse chapter
6/15/2021 c69 19crocket
great story love it
6/7/2021 c68 Killerthebunny
This was absolutely amazing as are all your other works! I’m 100% looking forward to a sequel in the DC verse or anywhere else you choose if you’re still interested. I totally understand if you’re not though. I actually ended up reading this because I read your time travel story first and I knew you were writing a crossover with that one with this one and I loved those stories so much I knew I needed the information of this fic before I could properly enjoy the crossover. But I’m really glad I read this! It was absolutely delightful and I’m incredibly impressed that this was your first work! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
6/6/2021 c69 9Lord Cartwright
Loved the story, looking forward to more of your work.
6/3/2021 c60 ShadowHurricane
Surtur Skull ? Ragnarok ? ha ! Cast a Patronus, open a portal to Niflheim/Hel, toss the skull through and go party
6/1/2021 c13 BohemianFrankenstien
I dont buy into the whole idea that Harry who supposedly is the last of his world would be so free with information. I can understand the whole setup with Fury in the beginning but showing his whole life to the avengers? Thats a no go for me
5/29/2021 c68 Eriktheviking70
A very enjoyable read, thank you.
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