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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

8/30 c15 6Mando-Vet
Lol, excellent chapter. I loved how you had Harry ingratiate himself with Asgard through food and drink.
8/29 c67 wolfzmasterz
You know it wasnt until this chapter that i realized that Happy isnt really ever mentioned in this story…
8/27 c27 BasicShintoDeity
I like this story but the fact that his Hero name is Ghost keeps making me annoyed. I just have a personal bias against that as its such a generic sneaky character name, which doesnt feel applicable here. I get that its from Shield but
8/14 c39 Cain Dubois
The turning dudes into girls against their will makes me want to kill you, but I won't.
8/7 c69 Lumi
It took me four days but I binged the entire thing. What phenomenal storytelling! This was incredible from start to finish! I really do hope that there might be a few one shots in the future telling little bits and bobs about the babies, Sirius, and maybe even a funny one about May and the Veela
Standing ovation
8/6 c7 garvit.bansal234
its good but not my cup of tea, chapter 7/69, dropped
7/31 c5 Guest
Was cool but I hate how all fics they just do whatever the ancient one wants. Who cares how knowledgeable she is Harry shouldnt want anything to do with her after dumbbelldoor she just like him
7/25 c16 Abyssalwhale
"Harry decided to walk up to Thanos one day and use Fiendfyre on him? End of story, no more fun." admitted straight up that Harry was a Gary Stu. You read Gary stu stories specifically to see Thanos getting his cheeks clapped. That's the whole point of a Gary Stu story.

The main character is supposed to destroy everything without much trouble. Gary Stus are power fantasy stories.

You don't just switch back and forth mate. That ruins the story. It's either one or the other.

Harry has the power of death in this story. He is immortal. Unaging. Can survive in nuclear fallout on a lifeless world.

I did kind of suspect something when you allowed his spine to be severed and left helpless without much trouble.

The kind of powers Harry has in this story. He should have an insane healer factor if he's able to survive nuclear fallout.

Well. Damn. If you're just picking and choosing. I might have to drop this then. Damn. I actually kind of liked it. But if you're going to actually weaken him every time he fights. I don't see a point.

I kind of let the spine severing slip. But. Your comment reminded me that he's literally immortal and was able to survive nuclear fallout, starvation, and dehydration.

And you said spells don't really affect him either. But he was worried about getting shot in the head. Now that I think about it. It doesn't really makes sense.

If he can survive nuclear bombs. He should be able to survive just about anything. Every other person on earth is dead. Yeah no. This doesn't make any sense.

If it was just the fallout. Then there would have been other survivers. No. He got hit directly by blasts. He should be dead. But he's not. And he gets taken out by a blade to the back.
7/22 c58 13bearblue
My condolences to you and your family. Hugs
7/19 c18 EternalAnglo94
Overall, I actually really enjoyed the story. But it’s actually also super cringe at times like with the dojo thing
7/17 c68 keht.jelicho
so, had any thoughts of returning to the Harry Potter DC crossover? be it as a time skip beyond this and the OriginsParallel semi-sequel, or as yet another iteration of Harry Potter gaining Cosmic Power levels in a cross-over universe.
whether that be through transport to another reality like this story, or discovering a formerly unknown aspect to the world like in The Beginning/Origin stories. After all before the various world threatening events none of the future Justice League were all that widely known, at least on a global scale. So Harry Potter and the wizarding world could arguably coexist in the DC universe in some reality.
personally I think Harry having a struggle with the Fate/embodiment of Order would make an interesting arc at some point, and I would enjoy seeing how he would handle Black Adam and other magical villains. That said, I suspect Harry's ultimate path to power would end up having something to do with the Lanterns and/or the embodiment of Life/the Entity (whether Harry becomes a White Lantern, and changes from Death aligned to Life, or if he as the "Master of Death" just allies with the Entity in defeating Death/Nekron and thus "Masters Death").
Of course, I wouldn't complain if Harry ends up facing Darkseid and gains equivalent level of power- that is becoming multiversal or omniversal or whatever Darkseid I where the "true" Darkseid exists outside of any singular universe and defeating/killing him is really only doing so to an aspect/avatar. Though with Darkseid also comes the Anti-Life Equation, which again is apparently also another enemy/opposite of the Entity, as the entity isn't just an embodiment of Life but also Free-Will and the Anti-Life Equation usurps free will (and it is somehow itself an entity/being). So there is that to consider as well.
7/17 c1 EternalAnglo94
I don’t understand who the Men with Rifles would be that makes little sense
7/15 c44 keht.jelicho
so, I think a scene is missing. the actual receiving of the Golden Apple seed was not shown. I think it should have happened after Harry and Natasha were getting ready and the next paragraph where the Party on Asgard is happening. they were supposed to be arriving two hours early, but there is no scene covering those two hours where I would guess Harry was given the seed and possibly met Idunn? It makes it slightly confusing when Harry talks about making preparations and Protections for the unnamed/unknown gift at the party, and more so when he works on said preparations in a green house and is moving the nymphs and asking them to help a 'resident' with no prior context.
7/9 c10 1Redical Gaming
it's unrealistic for Harry to just get all emotional and go though a whole life story for people he doesn't know
7/8 c17 jimmy.oz
Even though i am re reading this for like the third time and i know he ends up getting the one girlfriend near the end with natasha to share with still wish it was a bigger harem to where he had some other marvel characters and maybe even hp characters that joined. still a great story to read though.
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