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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

7/7/2019 c4 alec-potter
Fantastic update.
Good to see the response of so many Marvel elements.
Can't wait to see Nats or Fury crossing with Harry.
Loved the competent Harry.
7/7/2019 c9 marlastiano
7/7/2019 c3 alec-potter
Nice chapter.
7/7/2019 c2 alec-potter
Nice chapter and interesting start.
Look forward to this harry's personality and his encounter with Fury.
Was that Jonny Storm?
7/7/2019 c9 finkarhu
thanks for the chapter. this is shaping to be interesting
7/7/2019 c9 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff looking forward to more
7/7/2019 c8 Amir-015
Any chance for a Natasha x Harry pairing? Because I like the way they interacted. Could grow into something more!
7/7/2019 c9 ibraha01
Very interesting Story so far, So far very into character.
7/7/2019 c9 Ronin Kenshin
7/7/2019 c9 DeathWing-GPV
You've certainly got me interested so far. This will be quite entertaining.
7/7/2019 c9 11stars90
This is terrific so far!
7/7/2019 c9 starboy454
excellent update
7/7/2019 c8 1Lord-Marauder-2013
Looking good so far, cant wait to see more.
7/7/2019 c8 8FitsofRage
Followed and Favored so hard
7/7/2019 c8 Abacus Gold
very good start, looking forward for remaining story
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