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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

3/18 c15 Barbaric Bob
*snrk* i just keep immagining that loki never got turned back and that his mother comes visit his enclosure and feeds him lettuce while asking how his day is going
3/13 c58 frankiebayer2002
Sorry for your lost
3/13 c42 frankiebayer2002
This is great
3/12 c12 elixirmaster
Too much male bonding for me, I get why it had to happen, the debriefing bout it made it make sense.
2/27 c68 2Treyven 'The Raven' Corsey
Absolutely loved it. My hat's off to you.
2/26 c1 Jo Cook
2/25 c69 LtKettch
Great story. I love the way you write the various characters. Thank you for sharing.
2/23 c7 8Delathen
This was kind of nice, until Black Widow ruined it. She seems to do that to a lot of fics.
2/20 c14 LtKettch
I’m late to the game on this one, having just found your story. Wow! This is so good. I love the interaction between the characters. Your sassy, prankster Harry is great. Absolutely love Pepper. “Quiet, the women are talking.” LOL
Thanks for sharing. Now, I have to get back to reading more!
2/12 c58 1Metacarius
I’m not one much to comment usually, especially on comments. However, reading this one… I’m sorry to hear about your sister. I do not know when this chapter was written or this note. But, because it was written, a small part of your and her story will live with every reader always. In my mind, there is no greater gift to those that have passed than to be remembered.
2/6 c28 AlphaKenny1
Mate your story is good but I believe the tags are quite misleading, you wrote adventure in the tags but we are in ch 28 and there only been at max 4 fights and almost no adventure at all. This is more of a slice of life / family than anything else.
2/4 c19 Sorry
had to say, went to reviews, and summed it up. Disappointed, but for private reasons. Shalom Shalom.
2/4 c15 I
must apologize. I confused this for someone else’s work for the past chapters. However, while still somewhat stilted, and missing key context, this is turning out to be rather brilliantly done.
At times, the portrayed individuals come across as childish, I do rather like the interactions.
Even still, looking forward to the rest.
2/6 c13 AlphaKenny1
Mate you are falling under the Mistake of not changing enough, or anything at all. The only change is the relationships between the characters. This not only cheapens the story but also makes it nonsensical, Your Harry is a war veteran from a fallen world. Why would he decide that the best way to stop Loki from killing Colson, was to run like a moron and push him out of the way, he has wandless magic, there's no excuse, he's slower than a spell, he had the experience to not hesitate, he should have known better but because you didn't want to change much you force him to act dumb. That's the only mistake I see, the rest of the story is going great, for a moment I was worried due to the previous chapters that Harry was a Mary Stu, He was fixing everyone's issues but then you added the talk with Nick that showed that everything was planned. That fixed that issue.
1/26 c15 Ysoltea
Frigga will eat you alive Run Harry, RUuUUuuUuUN!
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