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for Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

2/3 c16 Guest
If you dont want a Character to be strong enough to "fiendfyre" Thanos, then dont make him that strong, simple as that.
Its infinitely worse making him strong enough to do something, but having him not do it, that truly is rage inducing.
2/2 c13 Guest
Harry is honestly horrible in combat, for what he has gone through, how can he possibly be this bad? I hope its just you forcing canon events to happen, dont get me wrong thats bad, but its better than him being this pathetic with his background the whole fic out.
1/30 c5 KuroKatBone
lost interest here, way to much information being shared and people are way to trusting
1/24 c68 OscuraCat
Absolutely loved this story! It was phenomenal! (That was way too hard to spell that word, had to resort to voice-to-text) It is so well written and engaging! Can’t wait to read more of your works, have read your story with another MOD Harry in Twilight and it was great! Can’t remember if I had already commented on that story so extra love anyway!
1/18 c9 4Verdauga
Interesting, though angst hurts.
1/15 c6 Dalriaden
Lol Harry's prophesy was only real because it was forced to be by others. If anything Harry's world highlights how self fulfilling prophecies are. Voldemort learns of it and nearly kills himself trying to prevent it then Dumbledore grooms Harry into it. Meanwhile a decade passes with Dumbledore and others giving zero fucks about punishing death eaters or ensuring voldy can't come back.
1/15 c5 OscuraCat
Haha loving it so far! And Moody would definitely approve!
1/11 c48 drago
hahaha amazing huh? don't you love it when nats a FUCKING CUNT THAT SHOULD BE SLEEPING ON THE DAMN COUCH and nobody cares? me neither

1/10 c45 GroveWolf
You say 'usually sat for tea' but I don't think that Harry and Yao have had a face to face meeting since the first one. At least, I don't think you've mentioned it.
"Sancta Sanctorum" I thought it was Sanctum Sanctorum? Santorum?
1/10 c44 GroveWolf
get tracking charm
"father's company was at least had" fix that
Let me get this straight, for every hour inside, a year passes outside. Fury says we can only hold him for 24 hours of his time, which means 24 years of outside time. so when he gets out after what he thinks is 24 hours, 24 years will have passed?
"dear caught in the headlights" deer
1/9 c42 GroveWolf
they do did want
that people seem to think
"was there as well" were
"for a fly" flight
"thought enchanting" though
1/9 c41 GroveWolf
"sorry to do interrupt"
"did kind of used" use
1/9 c39 GroveWolf
"only gives you only more worth" needs rewording.
"contend themselves" content themselves.
"setup" set up
I have to wonder, when Harry sets up the Room for the kids, didn't he say before it would seem infinite as long as they weren't too far apart? but aren't they going to be spread out now?
1/8 c38 GroveWolf
Charles Xavier is saying he'd like to see the pensieve for himself? didn't he see it? is he covering up the fact that he's seen it?
1/8 c36 GroveWolf
you're lives-your lives
once off- I'm pretty sure it's 'one off'
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