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for Team RWBY react to Bionicle

4/5 c1 Hannah
I really.. REALLY hope they watch the most greatest bionicle animations of all time, that being the bionicle battle wave series, igintion war, and the ignition movies from noah productions 1 and 2
3/25 c22 1VirgoDrago
I really enjoy this trailer as well as the story fully. To see the RWBY crew learns about the Great Toa-Mata to Nuva, and their epic journey with more heroes and allies face Makuta himself. I love it, the Grammer is a bit bad but with improvement and training, you can make a good Bionicle fanfiction! With you adding your own spin on it, that's my review for now. But this is good, just a bit working on grammar and interaction, as well as some scenes. And you're good!
10/8/2021 c21 1DarklightArk
Love it! But really Imagining their reactions to the books and movies? Especially Mask of Light? No, no the real kicker would be their reactions to the truth, the trailer, Mata Nui standing up. Oh yeah they would freak!
5/31/2021 c20 2Noitaerc
I feel the changes for the story to be darker with the deaths of Matoran to be unnecessary. In a way, Teridax took inspiration from the Krana for the purpose of infesting masks via Kraata (which is canonical, unlike the spore). It was through these infected masks that Makuta Teridax exerted his influence on the Rahi. And through them, could knock off the Matoran's masks and replace them if he so wished. Sure, the Turaga managed to capture all the damn Kraata eventually, but by them a good portion of the Rahi population was infested, which caused a lot of problems. But Teridax never pressed the advantage. I would learn why later, even if one book made me believe I knew for a while.

If I remember correctly from the books, Teridax wanted to rule the Matoran (and more, unknown to everyone). And you used the books as that is where the Toa Stones came from. After first finding the Island and at Vakama's prompting in case something happened, the Toa Metru made them. One sixth of a Toa's power to make a Toa Stone. Lhikan had used his entire power to make six. They then hid them on Mata Nui until they were used by Takua to make the call for Toas in one of the games. And serve as a guiding signal for the capsules.

At the end of Bionicle Adventures: Time Trap, we learn that Teridax put pressure on the Koros with the Rahi after the grace period of a century he granted ended. That he could have destroyed them at any time. He was just keeping them at Mata Nui, making sure the Turaga knew they could not return to Metru Nui. The conflict only really began shortly or when the Toa arrived.

When the story reached the end of the Mistika and Phantoka arc, the reason for Teridax's retraint became obvious: it was always part of his plan. So why kill his future subjects? Why not let them have their little victories that will only make them believe that all is well? That he could be defeated until they learn the truth when he brought his plan to fruition?

Which would terrify the team, now that I think about it. A mastermind so cunning that reading part of his plan made a talented manipulator looses his mind as he understood what he was reading. Someone able to plan his defeats, 'defeats' and victories or adapt easily if unplanned thousand of years in advance.

There were two times Teridax had not planned that I know of. The first was Vakama being willing to destroy the Mask of Time and its apocalyptic consequences. To be fair, little was known of the Vahi and it was only forged at most a few months beforehand. The second time was Mata Nui's sacrificial moon drop while Teridax was distracted by his army of thousands of Rahkshi being wiped out in an instant by Tahu in Golden Armour and he did not have time to adapt.

A being so patient that a plan more than ten thousand years long is acceptable and viable. Charismatic enough to lead most of his species in a rebellion, yet without them (with one exception) realizing he was planning to betray them all.

Then add the powers of the Makuta, and you get a monster that would haunt their nightmare. If in a Protosteel armour as gas, he cannot tire and his armour is basically indestructible. In his other forms, he is just a projection. They don't have energized Protodermis or Protosteel, so damaging the armour is useless.

Forget Salem, Teridax would scare them more... which would be a hilarious blow to her pride. But then Teridax would already be in command or have had the Kingdoms slaughter each other by the time the show started.
3/30/2021 c20 1paijitsean
I speak as a reader when I say I enjoy the extra bits lol
3/9/2021 c21 Berix The Thief
3/7/2021 c21 Guest
Why don't you give them every set and trailer commercials for them
1/20/2021 c21 Guest
Hail Denmark
1/21/2021 c21 14Novice4129
I had to make an account to do this... Totally worth it XD
1/15/2021 c20 unknowmaster22
i hope they react to the paraka , ignite toe's and hordika
1/10/2021 c19 Anon
If there is one thing I like about you other than you having RWBY characters react to my childhood toy series, its that you don't hit us over the head with stupid ships like Katana of the Blade did, putting Ruby and Cinder together, ugh, even if Cinder has de-aged she is still older than her it's disgusting. It got so bad I quit them even though I liked their reaction stuff which is so sad.
11/16/2020 c17 10Firestar001
Is the ‘Quest for Mata Nui’ an actual thing?
5/6/2020 c18 Rift Hero
YES! Mt Voice got out there!
4/30/2020 c17 Rift Hero
Hay if you need more Bionicle Facts Check out the Wiki it has everything
4/25/2020 c16 Guest
Is this fic dead?
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