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2/29 c50 Ted Hsu
So Megumin killed his family and friends when she blew up their village, and didn’t care about mass murder except her gaining levels.

Twinkleface should be lucky he got to do what he was able do before the familiar ate him.
2/29 c22 Ted Hsu
This was Aqua's idea, wasn't it? She wanted Darkness and Megumin to join her and Mitsurgi, so separate the team leader from the others and their chance at joining is fair game.

And if the Crown backed it, Luna couldn't say no, no matter HOW dirty it was.
2/28 c16 Ted Hsu
Rufus would be laughing at the scene, with Ron facepalming.
2/27 c50 Ted Hsu
She killed the fairy Twinkleface's family and friends, and Megumin got given grief. But that she knew not much about it or even cared meant the fairy should have killed her or given her "eternal damnation."

Instead, the familiar ate the vengeful fairy and settled that hash quick.
2/27 c51 Ted Hsu
Uh-Oh...Kazuma, you went that one step too far that showed even succubi have standards, and you crossed them :P

If it's not sexy times, and too much for them, you blew it :P
2/27 c53 Ted Hsu
Kazuma opened up folks to a new level of degeneracy: instead of gambling for big stakes, he corrupted people into playing HeroMon. And made Iris the Patron Princess of Fanservice, beloved by her people in many different outfits.

All the while he made loads of coin off of his ventures. And did more than he could have putting up with Aqua's agonizing choices.
2/27 c48 Ted Hsu
Give a mage an opening to do her worst, and she'll do it so she'll never do it normally otherwise.
2/27 c37 Ted Hsu
The minotaur killed his first true friends, and he had to make due with Lalatina and Megumin WITHOUT Aqua's influence. He had to force those two into being serious about adventuring.
2/27 c36 Ted Hsu
The Omake had Eris give Aqua her juicy comeuppance. Taunt a peer about a body part, expect payback to come back a hundred-fold.

And it had it come back where Aqua would be allowed to come back 100 years after Kazuma died. But Eris would give Kazuma 100 years of happiness :P
2/27 c24 Ted Hsu
The trading card game business is getting interesting, and now HeroMon might get a bit of lore to make it more saleable :)
2/27 c23 Ted Hsu
The duo of Aqua and her partner tried to steal Megumin and Darkness. And Luna had been arm-wrenched into it by the King.

But the royals wanting to screw over Kazuma was the final straw. You can bet he'll be running all future requests through a microscope. If not a sack of gold up front.
2/27 c21 Ted Hsu
Sometimes "dumb luck" and "showing practical applications" are important. Megumin saw she can get more shots out of other spells than one-shotting Explosion, and Darkness really needed to show she could use the weapon before she could have it (and thus needed all the skills needed to back that claim up).
2/27 c18 Ted Hsu
And the million-eris question of who Kazuma really wears his heart on his sleeve for is answered :P
2/27 c19 6Waki Paki
I wanted to like this story, but honestly I hate the way the main character is written - mainly because it's too close to the original, and I hated the original anime. Even with the changes in the fanfiction, the contrast makes it worse! One minute he's a serious man who watched three people be eaten in front of him and delivering harsh advice to someone who needed a mature influence and wake-up call, the next he's going on about panties again and back-handedly and obliviously insulting and "complimenting" someone with zero self awareness. Pick a damn tone, story.
2/25 c34 17zapdosmaster145
Ahahahahahaha okay, I hereby award you with this slow clap for the Planet of the Apes reference. Bravo, sir or madam. Bravo.
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