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1/20 c42 TheUnlistedWaffle
ahh exploiting children, always something I can get behind
1/19 c42 Death's-Touch
i wonder if he will realise
1/18 c42 wildarms13
oh no kazumaaaaa hahahaha
1/18 c42 Ghostrider81
Loving the story thus far! I personally hope to see more of Katrina in the future.
1/17 c42 Vollmilch
I love this
1/17 c42 Joshua the Hand Written
What could the favour possibly be? So mysterious. White Suit would not approve.
1/17 c42 NoaRien
Great job I loved it can’t wait to read more and to see what happens next
1/17 c42 3Maglad
Don't disrespect chess, you! That said, I liked the chapter. Now I kinda want Kazuma to make Battlemace 400.000 miniatures to introduce to them the concept of planets. Aloso, because miniatures are fun.

Fun fact, miniature wargaming was originally born to simulate battles, as an step-up from chess and for young officers to gain experience without losing troops in the process. It was initially very popular with nobility in our world, and I see no reason the same can't happen here too.
1/17 c42 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
P.S. Trying to imagine the woman in red cocktail dress with spear and shield.
1/17 c42 9Uniquebooks
Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to more adventures of Kazuma and Lalatina.
1/17 c42 maridus
A better outcome than canon TBH, because at least this time he isn't dying from a futile attempt to contribute in a direct melee he doesn't need to be in. Looking forwards to seeing what the favor he asks for is though.
1/17 c42 Tomon
Now who is gonna win?! The pro adventurer and schemer or the beginner luck of a princess?
Oh... and there is some invasion going on too I guess :-D

Awesome chapter. Iris needs to learn how to shut down the white suit herself :-D
1/17 c41 Death's-Touch
i wonder if he will realise
1/17 c42 Death's-Touch
haha loving it as usual
1/16 c42 2Jazz0man
Great chapter, I loved everyone's dynamics and interactions. Also I'm glad Claire is finally getting called out on her shit. That pedophile gets a free pass most of the time in other fanfics and in canon so I'm glad that your characters can recognize her terrible personality.
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