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1/22 c34 ExternalDragon
I’m loving the story so far, I hope you update soon!
1/19 c26 Guest
Dont you DARE kill them too, theyre so likable now!
1/10 c34 Prokudin Ruslan
Хороший фик. Интересный путь истории, где Аква покинула Казуму, хотя я не считал её такой отбитой на голову.
1/10 c34 DBZgakill
I would not be surprise if Kazuma would not want to take a quest for a while after what those fairies did to him and his team mates. I bet he'll never let Darkness pick a quest again.
1/10 c34 Guest
Hoping Kazuma doesn't just let aqua back all willy nilly and continue her previous behaviour, i want to see an actual redemption arc or something out of her.
1/8 c34 1Snappy Flowah
Thanks for the update
12/31/2020 c34 Guest
Nice chapter. Kinda have to agree with the other guest though. Her situation is pretty shitty, yeah, but that doesn't exactly excuse her abandoning Kazuma like that. At least make any ounce of forgiveness a lot harder to get here than in canon Konosuba
12/31/2020 c34 13The Jagdpanther
I wonder how Aqua will get into the party, and what Kazuma's gonna make her do?
12/30/2020 c34 animasola
What a fun chapter, as always is great doc, happy new year to you too and I hope you update more often
12/29/2020 c34 176Firehedgehog
12/29/2020 c34 7Frosty Wolf
Wow, that got dark towards the end. Fortunately the comic relief goddess has shown up again! Doubt Kazuma will be thrilled about helping her but I still hope he does. Aqua's sentence is... pretty daunting when you get down to it.
12/29/2020 c34 draculyn28
good chapter, happy holidays, greetings
12/29/2020 c34 Guest
Please don’t suddenly make kazuma sympathetic towards aqua. You have already established in prior chapters kazuma doesn’t really like aqua, so making him feel bad or something close to that would be a sudden change that wouldn’t make sense.
12/29/2020 c34 williampgois2
nice chapter those fairies deserved it they take tons of people's time with their pranks, anyway now that this is the last update of the year i have a question is the leader on a break while you were doing updates on the konosuba fic to get it closer to the 60 chapters that the leader has? and so will it continue :?
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