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1/24 c48 12Victori
My dearest lord of fire. When will thou return
1/21 c48 Alberto2000000537
I really liked that nod to overlord;)
1/18 c48 Guest
Maldicion xq todos los buenos estan sin terminar
1/18 c48 Guest
I really hope you start updating again when season 3 drops
1/18 c15 Guest
En realidad megumin seria muy buena como mercenaria independiente es una bazuca de un tiro para eliminar monstruos muy resistentes es lo mejor
12/22/2022 c40 4C3nterF0ld
I get it's his character and such but I was seriously hoping for some character/personality progression from Kazuma. his asshole shtick is getting really annoying in regards to some people and I'd love to see him become a better person already.
12/21/2022 c40 Aselo
What happened to his date with chris?
12/20/2022 c3 Aselo
Megumin is still best girl. Chuuni loli is hilarious
12/9/2022 c26 Genesis09
I saw that! LUPIN! Loved the name drop.
12/8/2022 c21 6Blade8821
I've always admired your work, and strove to become half as good a writer as LOTLOF, but by god, I don't know if I'll ever top the last line of this chapter. This is incredibly well-written, and 110% accurate to the source material while telling its own alternate story with some of the best dialogue I've yet seen. I just hope to see more of it before too long.
11/24/2022 c48 Warlocktoungue
So, pal I just need to know...
What's your plan for Kazuma and Darkness in this story?
Because for what I've read so far, those two may have a real thing going on there...
11/19/2022 c21 2TigerCat
*rolls around cackling*

Obviously Darkness was going to be real, but the end bit where she took up offensive skills... *giggle*
11/3/2022 c48 4Verdauga
10/29/2022 c21 ShadowLightning1
This is a really well written funny chapter. Everything from the set up to execution to pay off was perfect
10/27/2022 c48 Kaziklu Bey
when will be the chapter of the date with chris?
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